How Long Do Herpes Sores Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 7 days

Genital herpes is a type of STI that would stay for around 7 days. There are some people that may see the symptoms of genital herpes to last for more than 7 days as it depends on the intensity of the infection caused by a virus. People can get herpes sores from those who already have the virus.

The herpes sores would spread if the person gets involved in oral or anal sex with the infected person. In the beginning, the herpes sores would show very few symptoms that may make them unnoticeable by the person.

How Long Do Herpes Sores Last

How Long Do Herpes Sores Last?

Herpes SoresTime
In days7 days
In hours168 hours

The symptoms of the herpes sores would not appear on a daily basis. When the symptoms of herpes sores would come, the person would see mild irritation or blisters around the genital area. The herpes sores may also come near the anus and thighs. Some people may see high-intensity symptoms of herpes sores which would be very painful.

If the person would consult the doctor during the initial stage of the symptoms, then it may not aggravate. The herpes sores would not leave any type of scars on the affected area after they are gone. The first outbreak would be more painful and intense than the others.

During the initial stage, the person would start to experience mild itching and discomfort near the genital area, anus, and thighs. Some people may see herpes sores near the buttocks of the body. There is no such treatment available for reducing the symptoms of herpes sores, but people can control the symptoms.

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To control the symptoms of herpes sores, everyone should try to maintain the hygiene of the affected area. Nobody should get involved in sexual activity when they have the virus inside them. As sexual activity can cause the person to spread herpes sores to another person.

People with mild symptoms would see the herpes sores vanishing in just 5 to 7 days. Those who have severe symptoms of herpes sores would see the herpes sores for around 10 to 14 days.

Why Do Herpes Sores Last For This Long?

The herpes sores mainly happen due to a virus HSV. People who eat healthy food and maintain a good lifestyle would see herpes sores vanishing in just 5 to 7 days. People who do a good amount of exercise would see the symptoms of herpes sores go in just 7 to 8 days.

Anybody who is doing workouts and maintaining healthy food habits may see the herpes sores going before 5 days. Everyone needs to understand how severe the symptoms of the HSV virus are. If the HSV virus causes any other symptoms along with herpes sores, then it would stay for a long time.

People who have weak immune systems would not be able to recover faster from the virus as their immunity would below. As there is no such specific medication or treatment for herpes sores. Therefore, no person should depend on medical help to recover from herpes sores.

Everyone can try to make their body more powerful to fight the HSV virus. The HSV virus may stay in the body of humans for many years if they are left untreated.

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People who take stress regularly in huge amounts would see the symptoms of herpes sores for a long time. Everyone should try to maintain their sleeping window to reduce the symptoms of herpes sores in one week.


The lasting time of herpes sores depends on the person’s health condition, lifestyle, habits, and intensity of the virus. People can quit smoking to recover from the symptoms of herpes sores in a short time period. People should keep the affected area clean to recover faster as hygiene is very important for the body.

Everyone should do all the necessary treatment or remedies as suggested by the doctor. People should avoid putting any chemical-based lotion on the affected area as it would cause herpes sores more serious.

People who have sensitive skin may see serious herpes sores symptoms. The herpes sores would go on their own in 5 to 7 days if the person keeps themselves healthy and clean.



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