How Long Does A Person With Autism Live (And Why)?

How Long Does A Person With Autism Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Less Than 50 Years

Interacting with other people happens daily. It does not require any kind of degree. From childhood parents let their children play with others, send them to schools and tuition so that they can interact with others. But there are a few cases where children cannot go out and interact due to some neurological problems.

These problems occur when an individual suffers from autism. Not only children, but adults also suffer from this problem. Autism with a learning disability leads to an early death by forty times more, while autism without a learning disability leads to death early by nine times than an average person. The lifespan of a person with autism ranges from 39.5 to 55 years.

How Long Does A Person With Autism Live

How Long Does A Person With Autism Live?

With Learning Disability39.5 years
Without Learning Disability< 55 years

Autism is a condition that causes a lot of suicides each year. They require utmost care from the very moment they are diagnosed. Most of the people with autism who do have a learning disability are the ones who were diagnosed early. That is why they did not develop senses and do not know their surroundings. They cannot interact.

The adults who are suffering from autism, most of the time, try to attempt suicide to end their lives. Sometimes they show outrageous behaviors. This mainly happens due to feeling frustrated with the environment as both of them cannot understand each other. Autism leads to repetitive behavior or uttering the same words again and again. The average life span of an individual is low due to all these reasons.

The power to decipher feelings lacks in them. Sometimes they pay a lot of attention to their work, and other times they have a hard time concentrating. The tendency to end their lives reaches its peak after not being able to cope up with others. Stress and anxiety is another symptom that these people experience. Anxiety causes serious conditions like high blood pressure which is harmful to one’s life.

Autism takes away people’s life by robbing them of their common senses. That is why they have a short life. They have trouble maintaining their behavior and gradually develop a habit of self-hurt.

Why Does a Person With Autism Live Long?

A person with autism does not live long on an average basis due to his condition. His/her condition prevents that from happening. The constant frustration and anxiety lead to heart problems, which is very common. They also suffer from gastrointestinal disorders. A single condition can lead to such a problem. But still, there are exceptions.

When at an early stage, the effects of autism can be subdued. This is done through medications and therapy. Anti-psychotic is given to those people. The therapy includes interactions with family members so that he/she can start to understand the surroundings. Educational therapy and anger management therapy are also given to them. Anger management is mainly given to stop their sudden outbursts.

Developing feelings is progress towards curing in these situations. Every kind of interaction is beneficial. It can be through the internet, face-to-face, telephones, etc. To help them lead a normal and harmless life, the idea of self-harm is discarded, and are encouraged to have positive behavior.

Whenever they feel something, they are helped to understand that feeling and experience all kinds of emotions. The neurological logical problems are reduced through doctor’s advice. All these methods have to be followed to change the “exception” to “normal” in autism.


Autism can occur in any individual. The first thing that is to be done, is to visit the doctor. Change of behavior in children or adults is something that should not be looked over. Autism also affects the family members of the sufferer. It should be taken care of as soon as possible. A tendency to attempt suicide should never let develop. Life is beautiful and it should be enjoyed to its fullest.

Autism is a deadly condition and should be checked whenever it occurs. Lastly, proper education, interaction, and encouraging positive behavior should be maintained towards the sufferer from the very beginning.



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