How Long Do Honda Civics Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 15-20 years

Almost every person wants to own a car. A car that is fuel-efficient, comfortable, and durable as well. But it’s a tough expectation.



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And while we are talking about durability and comfort, how can one forget about the Honda Civic. This vehicle is known to last for years. That’s the reason why it is famous among all age groups.

The model is well-known and very popular amid all since the time it has been introduced (in 1972), due to its compactness and better mileage and potentiality. Also, it is known to last for about 20 years if taken care of.

How Long Do Honda Civics Last

How Long Does Honda Civics Last?

These cars have made their names in the market since 1972. It has won titles like ‘car of the year’, etc. So, the reason seems obvious. It has been people’s favorite since that time.

If looked after in a correct manner, these models are known to last for like 20 years. It definitely is your partner for a long way on the road. These cars are already known for the driveability and reliability features.

When talking about average, it should last for up to 200,100 miles. This may increase further up to 300,000 miles, under proper maintenance. On average, a person drove it 13,480 miles a year. Calculating it for 300,100 it comes out to be 20 years.

The rusting of the car, after 1-3 years of its purchase reduces its lifespan to 17 years. Any person living near the coastal region might experience such a problem.  Therefore, the estimated time duration of this model varies between 16 to 20 years. However, there have been certain issues with various older models.

For instance, the 2001 model had some engine problems. The 2006/2009 models had cracked engine blocks. The latest model is also having minor issues like malfunction of the display screen and Bluetooth.

Scheduled maintenance and oiling of engines after every 6,000 miles leads to a greater lifespan of Honda Civic. The newly redesigned model of this car is expected to last more than usual with its improved features.

In Summary:

Proper maintenance (replacing engine oil filters, rare breaks, etc.)Up to 20 years
Without any maintenanceAbout 11.5 years

Why Does Honda Civic Last so Long?

One already knows that model lasts for about 20 years. It has been a tough competitor in the car market since 1972 and still tops the list of ‘people’s favorite’ list. A popular choice among all the city drivers as well as the youngsters. But what makes it so special?

Firstly, the efficiency of this car is way too good. And that’s the first thing a person looks for when purchasing a car. The car comes with a four-cylinder engine, and stellar fuel economy, it has come a long way.

Apart from being fuel-efficient, reliability has also been a common factor. Having got reliability of 4.5 out of 5, Honda Civic is dead-on reliable. It consists of high-quality and durable motor parts that are also inexpensive to repair.

The safety features make Honda Civic the most trusted one. People, having seen the safety features usually prefer this car. With features such as the sensing suite, six airbags, and much more, this has become the most loved car.

The strong, meticulous car design makes it much more durable. As Honda belongs to Japan, and Japan is well known for its strong car designs/building process, we have nothing to doubt about.

The serviceability provided by Honda Civic is also much better.  The car has fewer parts, so no tension in getting it repaired every now and then.


Having known the major aspects of this car model, one can surely conclude that the car has a lifetime of 20 years. But this time duration varies on the type of maintenance provided. 

It definitely lasts for a longer time. And this is the least you can expect from a good car. Besides, its reliability, drivability, and safety features are also top-notch.

A proper and frequent inspection of fluids and tire pressure may further increase the milage, hence improving the lifespan of Honda Civics to more than 20 years.



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