How Long Do Job Postings Stay Up (And Why)?

How Long Do Job Postings Stay Up (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Month

When applying for a job, think about how long the hiring manager has had the position open. Because previous job listings may already be filled, this can assist you to decide whether or not to apply for the position. We answer various topics in this article, including how long job advertisements stay up when to apply, and how to apply late. 

A job posting is a notice that a company has an open position. Employers may distribute these announcements over the internet or in print media such as newspapers and magazines. You all must have come across various job postings online while looking for a suitable job for you. When we say job postings, it simply means that it has all the necessary information about the job.

How Long Do Job Postings Stay Up

How Long Do Job Postings Stay Up?

ConditionDuration Of Posting
If A Candidate Is HiredTill Hiring
If A Candidate Is Not Hired1 Month

The time a job ad remains active is determined by the company, the industry, the industry’s employment rate, and the position. It takes longer to fill management and supervisory roles. This is frequently the case since these jobs necessitate a more specific set of abilities. If the company listed the job on a job search site, it may be preferable to let the job posting expire rather than have to remove it. 

A job search portal may also demand an employer to maintain job advertisements active for a specified period. It’s probable that if employers don’t discover a competent applicant within this 1-month window, the job will go empty for several months. Even though a job ad appears to be ongoing, the hiring manager may have just overlooked the fact that the position has been filled.

Some businesses may be required to stick to a strict budget. Human resources departments frequently post job openings on multiple job boards, which can be costly if a job is advertised for an extended period. The longer a position remains available, the more money a company can lose. Companies may be forced to publish a closing date if they use job portals to advertise available positions. 

They may, for example, compel businesses to close applications within 1 or 2 months from the day they were posted. Some businesses have a deadline to meet to fill a position. A corporation, for example, may need to fill a teaching position before the school year begins. If a company anticipates a large number of applications for an open position, it can set a deadline to limit the number of applications received. If the company offers outstanding perks, is a well-known employer, or the position is in high demand, it may do so.

Why Do Job Postings Stay Up That Long?

To maximise your chances of receiving a job, apply for it within a week or two of the position being advertised. The sooner you apply, the easier it will be for the recruiting manager to review it and contact you if they are interested. Though now is the optimum time to apply, you can still apply for positions after this date, but keep in mind that your chances of receiving the job diminish after two weeks. 

Even if you apply for an earlier job advertisement, the hiring manager may have already filled the position. This is because the longer a job posting is up, the less likely it is to still be accessible. However, if it’s a position you’re passionate about and are well qualified for, it might be worth applying just in case it’s still open.

If a corporation has put a temporary halt to hiring for the post, the wait could lead to an opportunity later. Despite having applied late, the hiring manager may see your application and deem you a solid prospect. Also, after analysing early applicants, the manager may be struggling to discover qualified candidates, which could boost your prospects.

Using professional sites to contact the recruiting manager might help you stand out. Check the job posting or do an online search to find the recruiting manager’s name. They may also be listed on the company’s website. Consider looking for a job on a new platform or employment site if a job advertisement is no longer current. It doesn’t mean it isn’t active on other websites just because it isn’t active on one.


Applications are reviewed more slowly by larger firms. It may be good to apply late if you’re interested in a position with a larger firm. It’s likely that the hiring manager has received a large number of applications and has yet to review them all. Many applications may be received for in-demand firms and positions. If you apply late for one of these positions, you may encounter increased competition and receive less feedback from the hiring manager. 

Some job advertising specifies that applications will be accepted on a rolling basis or in the order they are received. If you apply for a job late and this is the case, your chances of getting an interview are slim. The job announcement may also provide a deadline for submitting your application.


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