How Long Can The Average Man Stay Erect (And Why)?

How Long Can The Average Man Stay Erect (And Why)?

Exact Time: 5.4 minutes

There is no such guarantee about how long can the man stay erect. There is no specific cause for predicting the exact time of erection. Some men may experience erections for minutes while others for hours. It depends on various factors to determine the exact time of erection. It’s important to note that the erection may last according to the time of sexual activity.

It depends on you and your partner that will predict the time of erection for a man. Being sexually aroused is vital for holding the erection for a long time. If you are not sexually aroused, then the correction may not happen or happen for a very short time.

How Long Can The Average Man Stay Erect

How Long Can The Average Man Stay Erect?

Erection Time Of Erection
Minimum erection time2 to 3 minutes
Average erection time5.4 minutes
Maxiumum erction time12 hours or more

The erection of the average man could last around 5.4 minutes while doing sexual intercourse. There will be some cases where the erection can last around 12 hours or more. There is no specific condition to be considered for determining the erection time, but the intensity of sexual arousal would have a huge impact.

There are some people who get highly excited during sexual intercourse. These people may have an erection or very little time. People that have control for a long time can have a long reaction time. Some of the factors that affect the erection time are explained below:

Age- The age of the person would affect the erection of a man to a huge extent. The men in your young get would have longer erection time, as compared to the old age. With age, the reaction time generally, falls off.
Diet- The men can follow some diets that would increase sperm production. There is a lot of food that helps in increasing and enhancing sexual activity. The men can avoid food that will decrease sexual performance. Having a good diet to support sexual activity is vital.

Health- physical and mental health plays a very vital role in determining the time of erection. A healthy man would have a longer erection time, as compared to an unhealthy man. Mental health is very important in sexual activity. Men with no stress and depression would enjoy sexual intercourse in a better way.

You have to be psychologically and physically fit to avoid a shorter erection.

All these conditions would have a huge impact on the time of erection. A man has to be fit and healthy internally and externally to have a long erection time.

Why Does The Average Man Stay Erect For This long?

The erection can last from 5.4 minutes to 12 hours or more. The erection depends on many factors such as health, diet, and type of erection. The erection time would not be the same for all the men, as not everyone is going to have the same age and health. Types of erection play a huge role in increasing or decreasing the time of erection.

Nocturnal correction mainly happened at the night. These erections could not be controlled by the men, as they are not controllable. These happen mainly at the night for 2-4 times. It varies from man to man. A nocturnal erection will not last for more than 25 minutes.

Masturbation erection is different and the time would vary. All these types of erections would not have the same time and hardness. The reception would vary for men according to their strength, health, and age. There are men with very short erection time and men with long erection time.


The reaction time would not be the same for everyone. The age and health factors of every man are different. Erection can also depend on the intensity of foreplay. The blood circulation (blood flow) to your penis should be maintained properly for a longer erection time. Blood circulation plays a huge role in increasing the health of men for a good and long-time erection.


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