How Long Do Macbook Airs Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Macbook Airs Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 years

The MacBook Air is a range of laptop computers designed and manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple debuted the MacBook Air series on January 15th, 2008. It was marketed as the world’s thinnest laptop, breaking the previous record of the Toshiba Portege R200. It was also Apple’s first laptop to provide a solid-state drive as an option (SSD).

The MacBook Air computers were the initial generation. In October 2010 and October 2018, Apple announced the second and third models of MacBook Air laptops, respectively. These second and third-generation laptops were designed to outperform their predecessors.

How Long Do Macbook Airs Last

How Long Do Macbook Airs Last?

MacBook Air Hardware partsLasts for
Battery3 to 5 years
Processor3 to 5 years

Everyone has a unique viewpoint on how they define the lifespan of a computer. When the most recent model of a MacBook Air is purchased, it may be productive for around five years. Apple laptops have a three to five-year useful lifespan, depending on how they are utilized.

MacBook Air, like any other equipment, is susceptible to mechanical or physical damage. This can happen at any time, even before they are sold to customers. This laptop line was created to be the lightest and thinnest, but not the most durable.

After around five years of use, most MacBook Air owners remark that the screen’s hinges have become a little loose. This is caused to the frequent movement around the hinges while flipping the screen up and down.

Some MacBook Air customers continue to use the original version of notebooks, which were released in 2008. Having a productive lifespan of 5 years does not imply that the computer becomes completely worthless after that time. Even after the hinges go loose, the MacBook Air continues to work admirably.

The majority of the issues that have arisen with this laptop after five years of use are mechanical. It is unusual to come across a MacBook Air with performance concerns after five years of use. Mechanical issues are resolved by replacing parts that have worn out or have ceased to operate entirely. Almost 70% of MacBook Air owners have had their laptops for more than five years.

Why Does Macbook Airs Last For So Long?

The following are some of the reasons why the MacBook Air has a five-year average lifespan:

Software updates – After about five years of use, Apple discontinues software upgrades for the laptop. This does not imply that the PC is no longer usable. The computer’s operating system (OS) can still function normally. The main negative is that the user will not be able to make use of the new capabilities introduced by the latest Mac operating system. Some people purchase the most recent laptop models to take advantage of the new OS features.

Laptops are used by certain users for art and design, communications, and office work. These users, particularly those who use their laptops for business, are constantly on their computers. Computers and laptops are used for a lot of office work. Their laptops must have a powerful processing unit; otherwise, they may overheat and experience battery problems.

Specifications and capabilities- Each MacBook Air version has its own set of features and capabilities. As previously said, some laptops are utilized for more than they are capable of. Some programs or applications, particularly computer games, consume an excessive amount of RAM or CPU. If the laptop runs an app that it can’t handle well, it will crash after a while. The user must be aware of the laptop’s capabilities and only run programs and apps that it is capable of handling.

Taking care of it and putting it to good use- The laptop might be damaged physically or mechanically at any time. As a result, the user must keep the MacBook Air laptop secure from the moment it is purchased.


As previously noted, there are several definitions of a laptop’s lifespan. Apple appears to have set a normal life for their laptops of roughly five years. Given that laptops are machines that many people use daily, this is an acceptable amount of time.

The MacBook Air laptop’s lifespan may be extended with proper maintenance and care. If properly cared for, a MacBook may last several years or even decades.


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