How Long Do Mums Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Mums Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6-8 Weeks

Flowers are always the best ones to consider in decorating the house interiors, in any organization to welcome the guests pleasantly. If Floristry is an art form to arrange the flowers whether it could be bouquets, vases in such a manner to attract people then the florist is the artist of it. And when comes to presenting a bouquet that can last for a long time then the florist would think of such a flower that cannot wilt or lose its fragrance in a short period and Mums would be the priority to any florist.

These Mums are officially called Chrysanthemum or Chrysanths. They are originated from East Asia and northeastern Europe.

How Long Do Mums Last

How Long Do Mums Last?

Mums last for 6-8 weeks and can also be extended for an even more period if it is taken proper care of. Chrysanthemums can be considered perennials and gardeners cultivate them during the autumn season and sometimes in the rainy season too.

There are three different types of bloomers of these mums and are Early bloomers that bloom in late July, Early fall bloomers are the ones that bloom in September which is likely mid-autumn, and the last ones are late fall bloomers bloom in October and spectacle many different colors and shades of it and that too the beautiful weather of autumn attract and gives pleasure to the people in watching the beauty.

Planting or growing mums in the spring season would make them perennials because the sunlight that is available during this period helps in rooting into the soil so strong that it can also grow and bloom in the winter season. One can see muns growing in the spring and winter seasons. There are even different varieties in which the blooming period varies a little.

Varieties of MumsHow long do they last
Anemones3-4 weeks
Pomponsmidsummer to until frost arrives

Why Do Mums Last So Long?

Though many factors make mums last a long moment and sunlight is one such factor and requires 6 hours of bright sunlight every day and exposure of these mums can be more than 6 hours but not less than it as sunlight is the main factor so more the sunlight more the potentiality to bloom and remain for longevity.

It’s the reason that these are grown during the spring season so that they can take more light in that helps in photosynthesis and stores more nutrients that help them to bloom for more weeks. Soil type is also another important factor and the soil must be moist and sometimes well-drained fertile soil can also be an option.

These are also called thirsty plants and it requires daily watering and if they are grown in glass houses one has to water even more as they can’t get the same moist from the ground soil as through pots in the glasshouses. When it comes to fertilizing mums they do require and most in the case of when they are in a growing stage as they need a lot of nutrients to bloom and stay up further. One should also have an idea of the application of which type of fertilizer and also in which season one is fertilizing.

From early spring to July applying water-soluble fertilizer is the best option and if one is growing the mums in the fall season then fertilization needs to be done until the spring season arrives as this helps them resist the winter conditions. Keeping all the necessary tips and requirements one can have the luck to sight and cherish the beauty of these flowers.


This would be very fascinating and amazing when one knows the real importance and beauty of this flower that lies in them which means to say what are these flowers meant for.

In Asia, these flowers are offered for those married couples who are about to welcome babies into their lives, and in Europe, these flowers are considered as a symbol of sympathy or conscience. though there are different in-depth meanings of these flowers the common meaning that lies is to spread positivity and peace through these mums.


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