How Long To Get CCNP After CCNA (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Months

Science has changed the world. Everything in this world is done with help of science. Watching television, talking over phones, cooking food, etc., all are done with help of science. Improvement in technology is another achievement that mankind has achieved with the help of science. Due to these factors, more and more students are pursuing technology-based subjects.



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For pursuing these kinds of subjects, different tests are taken. CCNA or Cisco Certified Network Associate and CCNP or Cisco Certified Network Professional are two of the exams that are taken to pursue a career in IT technologies. A person can take both exams but because of the huge preparations that are to be taken, a 3 months time gap is preferred to take the CCNP after CCNA.

How Long To Get CCNP After CCNA

How Long To Get CCNP After CCNA?

CCNA60 – 75 Days
CCNP90 – 120 Days

It is always better to have a gap between giving two competitive exams. Simultaneously giving exams can result in more mistakes and leads to unsatisfactory results. After taking CCNA, it is important to at least take a gap of 3 months before applying for CCNP. The gap is important, it helps the person taking the exam, gather all the information required to appear for the exam.

CCNA is a first step towards pursuing an IT career. It is a difficult exam and includes a wide range of essentials of IT careers, based on the newest technologies and software development roles which helps improve the job roles. On the other hand, CCNP is an exam based on internet networking. It also helps to work in voice, wireless, videos, and security advancements.

Every exam requires at least a minimum of preparation before a person can appear for it. CCNA and CCNP are no different. CCNP takes longer than CCNA. The 3 months are used properly by a person, who is planning to appear for the CCNP exam. In those 3 months, he or she buys books, gather intel, join classes, training, studies, and practice for the upcoming exam. Being a tough exam, it is general for everyone to be ready beforehand.

After clearing the CCNA exam, a person is given two choices. He or she can apply for a jog in the designated field or continue to pursue higher studies by appearing for the CCNP exam. It depends on the perspective of the person who is given the choices. The person is not pressurized and can freely follow their will. Both the CCNA and CCNP are held by Cisco Systems Inc. It is a multinational technology conglomerate.

Why Does It Take Long To Get CCNP After CCNA?

The time gap between appearing for a CCNA and CCNP is not much in the first place. From the eyes of students, it is moderate. Not too long and not too short. It all depends on the person who is appearing. If the person believes that the time gap is low and he needs more time for preparation, then it is completely his or her choice.

There are also exceptions in these kinds of cases. Sometimes people take over a year to prepare for the exam. As mentioned above, the preparation time for CCNP is more than that of CCNA. CCNP is a professional course while CCNA is a course for associates. Just like people taking more than a year to apply, some people have appeared for CCNP before the 3 months time gap after appearing in the CCNA.


No exam is easy in the first place. It is very important for people who are appearing for any kind of exam to have confidence in themselves. Some others exams are held by Cisco Systems Incorporated. All are technology-based exams. Before each exam, the students are given training about the kind of exam that they are going to give.

The preparation time for CCNP is more than CCNA. So, the students should utilize their time properly and avoid any kind of overconfidence. Rules and regulations should be followed for the betterment of the future. Clearing the CCNA and CCNP will lead to having more job-like experiences.



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