How Long Do Peppers Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Weeks

Peppers are known to be the most pampered spices. Proper storage is quite necessary else they wither away soon. The generally used green peppers are stored in plastic bags or left out in the open. Bell peppers are equally long-lasting.

The best part is that even if they dry up, the end results can be used up in dishes. It is essential to store them in such a way that adequate spiciness is maintained. If left out in the open, peppers will definitely crack up and change their color. Fresh ones can last for two weeks quite easily.

How Long Do Peppers Last

How Long Do Peppers Last?

Green peppers last easily for fourteen days, longer than the other colors. There are two variants in the green ones as well. Light green ones are more long-lasting than dark green ones. This is based on the fact that light ones are spicier. As and when peppers wither away or turn stale, they lose their spicy nature and color too.

For unripe peppers, the taste cannot be determined that easily. An easy way to check the freshness is the seed color as well. Brown seeds are not too beneficial. Peppers turning red is not disadvantageous in all cases. If the main purpose is to extract powder in the long run, the peppers are intentionally ripened.

Colored peppers ripen and lose taste sooner than green ones. This is due to the fact that their species isn’t that long-lasting. Another way to check the freshness is to make out the weight. Bouncing fresh peppers on the palm is one such activity – light and bouncy ones are good to go.

Heavy and moisture-laden peppers are not that useful. In order to make colored peppers last long, they can be deep-fried or kept in vacuum-sealed transparent bags. The packaging sold in marketplaces comes with a best before date as well. It is only for reference purposes based on the average shelf life of the concerned spice, that is, five days.

There is no need to throw them off immediately as they might still be possessing the same taste and nutritious composition. Discard them when they turn stinky.

Type of pepperDuration
Green pepper2 weeks
Red and yellow pepper5 days

Why Do Peppers Last That Long?

The quality and color of peppers determine their lifespan. While green peppers turn red after some time, the process is quite different with bell peppers. They begin to turn soft at first and finally go brown. This sign is enough to understand that the spice is no more safe to consume.

If consumed fresh, these excellent spices enrich vitamin C levels in the body and help beat the heat as well. The long-lasting options include black pepper and white pepper. They don’t taste as good as the veggie alternatives. While purchasing, if the peppers are already a bit stale, they won’t last even if many attempts are made to restore the natural composition. The storage conditions also determine how long peppers survive.

Based on the season, the duration keeps on changing. Summers are too harsh on these spices. If left out in the sun for long, peppers lose their magic in a day or two. During the winter season, peppers can easily be stored outside. Refrigeration in cold weather might take away their freshness. While it’s raining, it is essential to keep them dry. Even small traces of moisture reduce the lifespan of peppers.

To increase the shelf life, different kinds of injections are also administered these days. Unlike the processed ones which come with added preservatives, naturally available peppers don’t last for months. There is an easy hack to preserve them for long durations – refrigeration at temperatures lower than normal.


Peppers are not as delicate as their other counterparts. It is true that they spark up the taste. Still, proper storage will keep them fresh and maintain the natural flavor. In addition to this benefit, the aroma is also an essential feature. Dry peppers don’t smell good.

It is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator if long-term storage is required. In case the peppers couldn’t be saved, crushing and storing them in powder form can be a feasible solution. The freshness of peppers can be maintained by a lot of methods, but buying them in usable quantities remains the topmost choice.



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