How Long do Bell Peppers Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-3 days

Bell peppers can also be called sweet pepper or sometimes referred to as capsicum. It is a plant that has large and tender thick-walled fruits that are bell-shaped. They form the main salad peppers. The main varieties of bell peppers include red, green, yellow, black and orange varieties.

The bell peppers have originally been grown in both south and North America more especially in Mexico. Bell peppers are mainly used as garden salads and as in ingredient in certain foods. They are also used in the production of different spices such as the paprika. They are considered a rich source of vitamin C.

How Long do Bell Peppers Last

How Long do Bell Peppers Last?

Bell Pepper TypeLifespan
Cut (Room Temperature)1-3 days
Cut (Refrigerator)1-2 weeks
Cut (Freezer)4-6 months
Un-Cut Packed (Room Temperature)2-3 days
Un-Cut Packed (Refrigerator)1-3 weeks
Un-Cut Packed (Freezer)10-12 months

Bell peppers tend to have a shelf life that is similar to other fresh vegetables. Most of them don’t come with a sell-by or expiry date and therefore one has to be keen on the date of purchase. Bell peppers can last for a period of time past their date of purchase depending on a variety of factors. The following is a guideline on how long they can last if stored in a proper way;

  1. Fresh and whole green bell peppers last for at least two to three weeks from the day they are bought.
  2. Fresh and whole red bell peppers last for at least one to two weeks when properly stored.
  3. The fresh orange bell peppers last also last for one to two weeks.
  4. Fresh and whole yellow bell peppers can also last for one to two weeks from the day of purchase.
  5. For cut bell peppers of any color, they can only last for one to three days while for frozen bell peppers they can last up to six months in a freezer.

It is important to note that green bell peppers tend to last longer compared to red or orange bell peppers.

Why bell peppers last for that long?

There are many reasons that can make the bell peppers to last for long when stored properly. These reasons include;

  1. Bell peppers tend to last for longer when stored without being washed. Washing the bell peppers makes them have moisture which in turn makes to rot faster even when stored in the fridge. The bell peppers can be washed and completely dried up before storing which will increase their shelf life.
  2. When bell peppers are stored in a produce bag they last for long. This is because produce bags are made of mesh which provides the peppers plenty of fresh air to make them last for long. Airtight bags make bell peppers to spoil faster. Also, the produce bag should not be closed.
  3. Bell peppers also last for long when they are put in a freezer. They can be chopped first before being transferred to a freezer. This makes the peppers to form ice crystals that extends their shelf life. It is recommended to use freezer bags when storing bell peppers in this manner.

Bell peppers last for a number of days which mainly depends on how they are being stored. The type of bell peppers also makes a difference.


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