How Long Does Baileys Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 2 Years

Liqueurs are the sweetened spirits that have certain flavors like oils, extracts, etc. They are used worldwide and are known to have a wide range of flavors such as coffee, orange, and almonds.

And one such liqueur is the Baileys. Known to be the world’s top-selling liqueur, this milky textured, sweet, and chocolaty drink can be considered heaven on earth.

But the main concern that arises is what’s its shelf-life because no one would like to consume a drink that has expired. The expiration of this product depends on various factors such as storage, temperature, etc.

How Long Does Baileys Last

How Long Does Baileys Last?

As claimed by the company itself, Baileys is the only cream liqueur that has a guaranteed taste for 2 years. But there are certain conditions related.

According to the baileys, whether the bottle is opened or fully packed, or if it was stored in the fridge or in the pantry, that’s not going to make a difference. The only thing to keep in mind is that it must be stored in temperatures ranging from 33 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it shouldn’t be kept under direct sunlight as it might decrease the shelf-life to a greater extent.

A Baileys bottle, if unopened and kept in the fridge, remains for more than 2 years. That does not get spoiled. The alcohol quantity present in it acts as a preservative and helps in keeping the cream fresh for a longer time period. One thing to keep in mind is to keep the bottle away from heat. Better keep it in the fridge, darkroom, etc.

If the bottle has been opened, they last only about a few months if proper care is not taken. This is because opened bottles become much more sensitive to changing temperatures. Also, to protect it from contamination, it is recommended to pour it in a glass and then drink.

Storage TypeTime
Unopened bottleMore than 2 years
Opened bottles6-12 months

Why Does It Take Baileys So Long to Last?

This liqueur is made from ingredients such as cream, milk, whiskey (Irish), Cocoa extract, Refined Vegetable Oil, and herbs & spices. The presence of these ingredients decreases the shelf-life to 2 years.

The cream, milk content of the drink is much sensitive to temperatures. That’s why it’s mentioned to store in a cold, dark place. However, the alcohol percent present in the liqueur acts as the preservative. The alcohol content in baileys is that of Whiskey (Irish). The alcohol percentage of Baileys is 17% which is quite a number. This is the reason for a longer shelf-life of about 2 years.

Anyone who wants the Baileys to last more than 2 years can follow certain storing instructions. The first one being, keeping it away from direct sunlight. The bottle must be placed at a place where there is less temperature fluctuation. The temperature range for storing Baileys is 0-26C. Also, if the bottle has been opened, you need to store it in the refrigerator. Following all the instructions on the bottle is surely going to make it last for more than 2 years.

Make sure to check the drink for any spoilage before consuming it. If the liqueur has some aroma like that of custard, drop the plan of consuming it. Also, check for the texture. If you notice the formation of some lumps, your Bailey Irish cream is probably curdled. If the color has turned dark/cloudy, the Bailey has gone bad.


Originally created as an alcoholic drink/beverage for women, Baileys is now famous all over the world. It has emerged to be the best-selling liqueur in the world. The Baileys guarantees the shelf-life to be 2 years irrespective of the bottle being opened or fully packed, kept in the fridge or not. But if we give it a second thought, Baileys will spoil if not stored properly.

The main reason for its spoilage being the main ingredients such as milk, cream, and other such dairy products. They are bound to spoil sooner or later. But the alcohol content acts as a preservative. This helps the Baileys to last for up to 2 years.



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