How Long Do Pigs Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 8 years

With around 1 billion individuals lively at any time, the household pig is among the foremost populous large well evolved creatures within the world. Many individuals who know pigs compare them to mutts since they are neighborly, faithful, and clever. Pigs are normally exceptionally clean and maintain a strategic distance from, if at all conceivable, dirtying their living zones.

When given the chance to live absent from plant ranches, pigs will spend hours playing, lying within the sun, and investigating their environment with their effective sense of scent. Pigs are exceptionally intelligent animals. The pig was tamed around 5,000 to 7,000 years back. Pigs are found over Europe, the Middle East and amplify into Asia as distant as Indonesia and Japan.

How Long Do Pigs Live

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How Long Do Pigs Live?

In case a pig lived in total opportunity and with the suitable natural and sterile conditions for its species, at that point, its life expectancy would extend between 10 and 15 years.A potbellied pig encompasses a long life expectancy. These creatures can live for approximately 20 years. On the other hand, teacup pigs are more sensitive, and their life hope is around five a long time. Teacup pigs are not a particular breed.

A few are potbellied pigs that have been starved to stay little. Other so-called teacup pigs are piglets that are being distorted as full-grown creatures. Pigs are prey creatures and due to the high mortality rate from predators, wild pigs don’t live long. Since their environment is additionally distant greater and blended with numerous distinctive variables, they are much more inclined to affliction than a domestic pig. However, a bit like normal pigs, they are moreover inclined to disease and illnesses in case they eat meat.

The residential pig (Sus scrofa domestica) could be a subspecies of the wild hog that has more than 500 varieties. The normal life span of the residential pig is six to 10 years, but certain issues can decrease the life span. Farm and yard pigs are much bigger than their predecessors and wild pigs. Household pigs, bred to pick up weight quickly, can develop leg and joint complications, as well as other wellbeing issues related to overabundance weight.

These complications can diminish a pig’s lifetime by some years. The maximum life expectancy within the wild is 10–14 years, although few specimens survive past 4–5 years. Pigs in confinement have lived for 20 years.

ConditionLife Span
Domestic pig8 to 10 years
Wild pig15 to 20 years
Wild pig in the wild4 to 6 years

Why Do Pigs Live For That Long?

At times, pigs cannot handle extraordinary warmth or extraordinary cold. They are inclined to heatstroke and pneumonia in case not checked. Other ailments may influence them as well. There are detailed episodes when pigs pass away due to the extraordinary climate conditions. However, it is known that weight is the foremost common wellbeing issue with pet pigs.

It might cause a parcel of wellbeing issues, subsequently, it is imperative to allow them a legitimately adjusted diet. There are moreover cases where when a pig is raised alone, pigs can get forlorn or discouraged to the point of starving themselves to death. For cases like this, it may well be best to grant your pig a companion to keep them upbeat in life. To guarantee a healthy and long life for a pig, some variables have to be considered.

Caring for pigs will have an enormous part in their life expectancy. With the correct count of calories, a pig might live 15 a long time up to 20 years. Food is vital for any living being. In any case, you must know that pigs are omnivores. They eat meat as we do. Indeed so, you ought to NOT nourish meat to a pig. Feeding meat to a pig is strictly prohibited because it is a simple way to urge them tainted by a malady through the meat.

Virus flare-ups happened all over the world since pigs expended meat and the disease was transmitted to people. We don’t need this to happen to you or your pig, so it would be ideal if you don’t bolster them any kind of meat.


Pigs are beautiful and astounding creatures. To start with, they are very friendly creatures both with creatures and with their proprietors. They too have incredible insights. Presently, their life expectancy ranges from 10 to 15 years. But, averages at 8 years. This is within the wild, but when they are bred in confinement. This is not the same when they are bred. Breeding depends on many factors including sex, breed, purpose, and the master’s intention. Weight also may play an important role in this calculation.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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