How Long Do Betta Fish Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Betta Fish Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2-5 Years

A lot of people love to have a pet at home. Some people prefer dogs while some prefer cats. But, there’s one more creature that people love to have as a pet. Fish can be seen as pets at many houses. When looking for a fish to have as a pet, Betta fish is a great option.

Fish have generic requirements, but betta fish, known as Siamese fighting fish, have their particular set of requirements. They are popular pets since they come in a variety of colours and are inexpensive to obtain.

Whether you’re thinking about getting a betta fish as a pet or already have one, knowing how long they live will help you plan. Knowing how to properly care for and keep your betta fish can help them live a longer life.

how long do betta fish live

How Long Do Betta Fish Live?

Storage PlaceLife-Span
Aquarium5 Years
Small Pot1-2 Years

Most bettas live for 2-5 years, but how old they are when you adopt them from the store is uncertain. No matter what you do, some people will live longer than that, while others will die young. Unfortunately, some pets, regardless of species, are simply not built to live to old age.

Betta fish live for an average of 2-5 years. The place where you keep your betta fish has a direct effect on their life. You may help them live longer by keeping their tank clean and controlling their nutrition.

The significance of tank quality. Betta fish are sold in pet stores in small, vase-like jars with holes in the bottom that allow plant roots to protrude into the water. This is due to their territorial and aggressive attitude. In the near term, keeping betta fish apart is the best method to keep them healthy.

You might expect a shorter life span if your betta’s home is in a bowl. Any fish that lives in a bowl is living in an unsuitable environment for long-term survival. A minimum 4 or 5-gallon tank with a filter and a heater is ideal for a long-lived, healthy betta.

So, if you keep a betta fish in a big tank, it will live up to five years and maybe even more. But, in case it is kept in a small area, it’ll just have a life of around 2 years or less.

Why Do Betta Fish Live That Long?

The primary reason why Betta has a long or short life span is that they need to be kept healthily. Betta fish is a tropical fish and it requires a heater. Any heater will struggle to heat a tiny amount of water, so make sure you have a thermometer on hand to keep an eye on it. Betta’s lifetime is influenced by their nutrition.

Make sure you’re feeding your betta a diet that’s around 30-35% protein. Many betta fish diets are heavy in fat, which lazy betta fish don’t require. Overfeeding is the most serious nutritional threat to bettas.

Many people have eyes that are larger than their non-existent stomachs, which, when combined with any husbandry concerns, can easily lead to impaction. No, not constipation, but a poop blob that was too large to pass. Because there is no effective treatment for these cases, they are heartbreaking.

Bettas, in comparison to other fish, are extremely indolent so there’s no need to take tension if they are not swimming much. Their small bodies and large fins make swimming difficult for them. We like to compare it to swimming in a ballgown. It’s usual to see them sitting on their favourite perch for extended periods.

It can be said that the secret to Betta’s life span depends highly on the way they are being kept. When betta fish is kept in a spacious and healthy environment, they live longer. But, when they are kept in small pots, they have a short life span.


No matter which animal you have as a pet, it’ll live longer if it is healthy. The best way to increase the lifespan of a living creature is to keep it in a healthy environment and feed it well. The same applies to fish as well.

When you decide to buy a fish, one of the questions that arise in your mind is about how long will that fish survive. Well, if you have betta as a pet, it just needs the proper care and living environment and it’ll have a longer lifespan. Feed the betta fish well and keep it in a big and safe space.


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