How Long Do Printers Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Printers Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 Year To 8 Years

Many factors determine the life expectancy of printers and how long they function properly without any errors. Some of the time determining factors are the type of printer, model of the printer, services provided to the printer, and other such factors.


How Long Do Printers Last?

Purpose of printersTime
For office work10 years to 12 years
For domestic work4 years to 6 years

Among these many factors, the major factor that must be considered while calculating the time for how long a printer will last is the working conditions of the printer. There are majorly two types of working conditions in which printers can be categorized.

The two types of the category are, domestic work, and office work. Depending upon what type of working conditions the printer is installed to work for, its life expectancy can vary in time.

By office work printers, it is majorly referred to printers that are installed in cyber cafes, corporate offices, industries, printing factories, and other such places. Such printers have a heavy workload on them and have a higher efficiency of working.

While on the other hand, domestic printers, it is referred to as printers that are installed in homes majorly for school or college work, or small printers that are used to print pictures and other such material.

On average, printers that are installed for office work have a longer life expectancy than compared printers that are installed for domestic work.

In most cases, the printers installed for office work use last from about a minimum of 10 years to a maximum of 12 years. Whereas, the printers installed for domestic work use last from about a minimum of 4 years to a maximum of 6 years.

Why Do Printers Last That Long?

The major reason why printers that are installed for office work have a longer life expectancy than compared than printers that are installed to work for domestic purposes is because of their machinery and the components of the printer.

You might have realized that printers which are installed in offices are very big in size, heavy and bulky, and have several different buttons and functions. While on the other hand, printers that are used in domestic places are small, compact, and have only a couple of functions.

The printers that have an objective to work for office use are built to do more work than usual. That is the reason why printers used in offices and industries are bulky and bigger. Such printers have a very huge capacity of holding sheets, copying hundreds of sheets in one go.

While on the other hand, domestic printers can print only a couple of copies at a time, they do not hold sheets more than 15 to 20 at a time and do not have many different functions as well. IN short, office work printers are more efficient than domestic work printers.

Moreover, domestic printers have connectivity up to a very small radius only. Whereas office printers can be connected throughout the office, that is to say, that office printers have connectivity of a larger radius as compared to domestic printers. 

One can identify that it is not time to replace the old printer and get a new one through many different signs that the printer shows. One of the most prominent signs that the printer shows is that it fails to meet your needs.

If the printer is not providing the desired yield of the page that you might need, or if it is no longer able to hold the capacity of sheets it earlier used to, or if it just stops working all of a sudden, or some of the functions of the printer fail to work are some other signs.


A major reason why a printer fails to work or has such a short life expectancy is that the technology of printers is changing rapidly. The technology of a newly released model of a printer gets old within a couple of years.

Thus it becomes really important to consider the model of the printer while buying one. It is always recommended to buy the latest model of the printer at that time.


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