How Long Does A Christmas Tree Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 5 weeks

The Christmas tree will last around 5 weeks if cared for in a correct manner. For the Christmas decoration, putting a Christmas tree very early would not make it last for a long time. The trees are living decorations for Christmas, and they may not survive after being cut for a long time.

The Christmas tree is cut many days before they came to the vendors. Everyone before purchasing the Christmas tree must learn about their harvesting time. The trees with soft needles with good flexibility are freshly cut. The freshly cut Christmas trees have deep green color needles. The person can recognize dried Christmas trees by their bleached olive-colored appearance.

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How Long Does A Christmas Tree Last?

Christmas TreeHow Long Does A Christmas Tree Last
White PineUp to 4 weeks
Fraser FirUp to 5 weeks
Concolor FirUp to 5 weeks

If someone purchases a dried-out Christmas tree then, it will take much water to stay fresh. If someone is looking for a long-lasting Christmas tree then the person should buy the heavier weighted ones. The more the weight of the Christmas tree, the chance of revival increases as the tree would have retained a lot of water.

The lasting period of any tree depends on how the person has cut it down. For a Christmas tree, it’s important to cut it straight across the down as this will ensure the freshness of the tree. If someone is cutting the tree, then the person should make V cut and not any angled cut. A fresh-cut tree is always long-lasting for a few weeks without any hindrance.

In order to have a green fresh Christmas tree for a long time, the person has to keep the below-mentioned things in mind. These are:
Choose the correct species of Christmas tree. There are many types of Christmas available in the market such as:
White pine
Canaan Fir
Concolor Fir
Fraser Fir
All the above-mentioned species of Christmas tree always last around 4 weeks.

The health of the tree is another crucial factor that will decide how long the Christmas tree would last. Always try to get a physically healthy tree. Tree with pliable and soft outer branches are healthier. The fragrance of the Christmas tree should be fresh. Another important factor is to get a tree without wrinkled bark.

Store the Christmas tree in a hydrated place. The person can store the Christmas tree in a bucket filled with water. The garage or any other shed would be a good place to store the Christmas tree for double protection before you start decorating it.

Why Does A Christmas Tree Last This Long?

The survival time of a Christmas tree would be around 4 to 5 weeks if you protect it from getting dry by giving the proper amount of water required. There are many protecting sprays called as Wilt-Stop. These sprays can prevent the shedding of needles of the tree. This spray would provide good moisture to the tree and give an extra layer of protection to the tree.

The water keeps the needles of the Christmas tree active. Many people stop spraying water in the Christmas tree and this can reduce the shelf life. A warm temperature is not a good environment for Christmas trees. Heat can simply make the needles of the tree dry.

The best way to prevent the drying Christmas tree is by placing the lower part of the trunk directly in the water. Make sure the water is normal and not mixed with any chemicals as the tree craves plain water.


The shelf life of a Christmas tree depends on water, storage, cutting type, and harvesting period. The Christmas tree needles can be used for plants protection and to give moisture to the soil. Once the Christmas tree starts getting brown then the person may expect it to die soon. Reviving the Christmas tree can be only done by spraying and feeding the tree with water.

If you decide to place the Christmas tree in the room, then make sure to turn off the lights before leaving the room. Lights can cause a rise in temperature that will make your Christmas tree die soon.



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