How Long Do Russet Potatoes Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Russet Potatoes Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 months

There are many vegetables in the world and every one of them is very nutritious. Nutrition is very much required for every human to maintain the good health of their body. Since the 21st century, there are various fast food joints, which according to many health organizations and consumers, are not that healthy at all. Yet, there is always homecooked food that is full of nutrition. One of the best ingredients that can be cooked very easily and fast are potatoes.

Potatoes are easy to make and very tasty too. Potatoes were first grown by the native people living in the Andes mountains, South America. In the olden days, only a few varieties of potatoes were available. On the other hand, nowadays, there are many types of potatoes cultivated. One of the other best characters of potatoes is that they can last for a long time without even storing them properly.

Just like every vegetable, various factors influence the time the vegetable stays fresh. According to facts, potatoes can last for 1 to 4 months. One of the best types of potatoes is russet potatoes, which can last for about two months.

How Long Do Russet Potatoes Last

How Long Do Russet Potatoes Last?

Location and TypeTime
In the Pantry1 to 2 months
In the Fridge3 to 4 months
Anywhere on Average2 to 3 months

Generally, some of the factors that influence the time the potatoes last depend on the type of potatoes, whether they are cooked or raw, whether they were harvested or bought, and where they are stored. Just like every other vegetable, they also exhibit some signs that can make people understand if the potatoes are spoilt. The potatoes normally take a very long time to show the signs of getting spoilt. It is also necessary to cook the potatoes when they are good. When spoilt potatoes are cooked or potatoes that are spoilt are eaten, it can cause severe health issues.

Many vegetables must be stored in the fridge, yet, potatoes should be stored at normal room temperature. The best way to store whole and raw potatoes are to store them someplace cool outside the refrigerator. The reason is, when one stores potatoes in the fridge, the high level of starch present in the potatoes will start turning into sugar, which can spoil the potatoes and turn them sweet.

Why Do Russet Potatoes Last That Long?

Though potatoes can be stored at room temperature, they should not be exposed to high temperatures. They should be stored in a dark, cool place with normal temperature. When stored under these conditions, they can last for at least two months, when kept uncooked and uncut. It is also better to keep them covered in a mesh bag, a paper bag, or a cardboard box. This will give them enough air circulation.

There are many types of potatoes and they can be cooked in various ways. Some of the most common potatoes used in cooking are russet potatoes, red potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, fingerlings, sweet potatoes, and potatoes can be made into french fries, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, and much more. Russet potatoes normally last for about three to five weeks in the pantry and about three to four months in the fridge. Potatoes are not normally stored in the fridge though.


The most common way to tell if potatoes are spoilt is they can get discoloration and growths on the skin can also be noticed. The potatoes will start going soft and they will start to wither. When they are picked, they are alive and when they are kept in a humid climate, new white sprouts will start forming. These sprouts can be cut off and green spots will start forming when they are exposed to light for a certain amount of time.

When potatoes get wet, even molds start forming on the skin of potatoes and they must be thrown out at times like these. Never wash the potatoes before storing them. After cooking the potatoes, they must certainly be stored in the fridge. Hence, potatoes can be stored at temperatures of 45 to 50 Fahrenheit, since potatoes contain a lot of water, which will evaporate when they are stored in hot and dry climates.


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