How Long do Stick and Poke Tattoos Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5-6 years

If you are interested in knowing about the durability of a stick and poke tattoos, we’ve got you covered.

This article gives the precise concepts, and knowledge on the time-length that your stick and poke tattoo is supposed to meet, and the factors as to why it lasts that long.

But first, you need to understand some fundamental basics of the stick and poke tattoos. I am sure by now; you know that they are a cultural tattooing feature.

Additionally, they require the usage of extra force so that the skin can be punctured.

Therefore, from the outlook, stick and poke art can be time time-consuming.

How Long do Stick and Poke Tattoos Last

How Long Do Stick and Poke Tattoos Generally Last?

Body PartTime-length
Exposed areas( such as hand, fingers, soles)5-6 years
Hidden areas( such as arms, chest)7-10 years

Most of them do not last forever. They last for a very brief time as compared to their machine counterparts.

However, they definitely last for a longer while than the henna or even transfer ones.

Generally, they can last for a few years(5-10 years).

The time length depends on factors such as:

  1. Area of application
  2. Type of tattoo artist

Area of Application

The concise duration of time before their disappearance also depends on a larger scale on the places where they are applied.

Finger and hand designs tend to quickly disappear because of friction caused by rubbing on surfaces as well as regular contact with water.

stick and poke tattoos

Finger and hand designs can last for about 5-6 years.

On the other hand, areas such as the chest, and arms tend to last for more extended periods( 7-10 years).

Type of Tattoo Artists

The experience of the tattoo artists also comes in handy when scrutinizing the time length of stick tattoos.

An experienced artist will definitely poke deep enough to ensure that the tattoo lasts for a long while.

On the contrary, inexperienced ones may be reluctant to poke deep, hence, making the tattoos to fade quickly.

You could also be not a permanent tattoo lover; thus, you will have to explain to the artist not to go so deep.

Why do Stick and Poke Tattoos Last That Long

The tattoo ink is meant to last for several years, and poking it in the skin will result in a longer duration.

Just as mentioned above, the durability of the stick and pokes depends on the type of tattoo artists, the tattooed area, and post-care measurers.

stick and poke tattoos 1

Care Administered

Aftercare is essential as it helps in keeping the tattoos fresh and avoiding infections.

It is suggested that you should moisturize the area, even when it has already cured.

You could look around for the best lotion or moisturizer that will suit your skin and help in maintaining the tattoos.

Direct exposure to the sun or excessive heat is also not advisable as it would infect the tattooed area or result in adverse skin conditions.

Place of Tattoo and its Size

Small pieces fade away faster than those that are spread over a large area.

stick and poke tattoos 2

Additionally, exposed areas such as wrists and some parts of the hand that are with frequent access to water or rubbings tend to fade away faster.

Nevertheless, you have the option of re-inking the area that has faded if you wish to have your stick and pokes for a long while.

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