How Long Is Persona 5 (And Why)?

How Long Is Persona 5 (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 98 hours

Persona 5 is the sixth game of the Japanese animated game series. If you are remotely interested in the gaming industry, it is highly unlikely that you would not have heard about the game. It is a world-famous game with fans across the country’s borders.

Persona 5 is developed and created by Atlus’ P Studio. It is a role-playing game based on the lives of a group of teenagers. The original game of the series was released for players way back in 2017. Persona 5 became a subfranchise of the Persona series and though it was planned for over 8 years, yet it was delayed many times.

How Long Is Persona 5

How Long Is Persona 5?

There are four popular formats available to play the game. You can play the main story, main story and extras, the completionist style and All playing styles. You also have the opportunity to play the game in a rushed mode, if you want to end the game faster. Conversely, if you are new to the series, you might need time to stand things up. So, you can go for playing the game in its leisure format.

If you are playing the main story, you might take up approx 98 hours to play. But you can end the game in just 65 hours. In leisure format, you can complete it in 128 hours.

However, when you would be playing the main story extra, you would need 115 hours. Conversely, you might require 81 hours in rushed and 196 hours in leisure format approximately.

In the completionist format, it would take up 176 hours of your time and 289 hours if you are playing in leisure style. Also, 126 hours is the minimum time requirement for playing the game.

115 hours are needed to complete the All Playstyles of the game. The rushed time and the leisure time required for the same are 71 hours and 258 hours respectively.

To summarise these data, have a look at the table:

FormatRushed TimeAverage TimeLeisure Time
Main Story65 hours98 hours128 hours
Main and Extras81 hours115 hours196 hours
Completionist126 hours176 hours289 hours
All playing styles71 hours115 hours258 hours

Why Does It Take So Long For Persona 5?

As seen at the top of the article, Persona 5 is a very large game. It might take up even more than 2-3 months to complete these games. Their humongous size has a fan base of its own. When a non-gaming person hears about the sheer large time of the game, it makes them naturally attracted to know and play the game.

Persona 5 is an animated story in the form of story-telling. In the game, you will have to play the roles of any of its characters. You would be required to make decisions on behalf of those characters. Although, it should be noted that all outcomes of such role-playing decisions are pre-determined. Since it is in a very long story format, it takes so much time.

The game is based on the characters of a teenage protagonist and the many other characters he happens to meet along the way. These teenagers are high school students and they feel that they live in a world full of injustice. All they see everywhere is oppression, injustice and slavery. They think that the world is led by wicked and ignorant adults who do not care about others’ lives.

Teenagers want to re-establish the rule of law. They want to re-instate peace, freedom and liberate the people from tyrannical rule. To do so, they use a mobile application and start to live dual lives as the Phantom thieves of hearts. Using the app and its mysterious powers, they enter the hearts of the most corrupt people and transform them.


Persona 5 is a very long game. Coupled with the level of hardness, it becomes more time-consuming and attractive. It would take you two to three months to complete it if you are not a professional gamer.

If you are a great fan of the Persona series, the game is for you. However, if you never played Persona 4, then also you can jump on to Persona 5. It may be hard to understand why every character is so obsessed with Chie, but it would be worth playing.


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