How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live (And Why)?

How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 12 years

Sugar glider (nocturnal) mammals are very active during the night. These mammals will sleep during the daytime. The sugar gliders are adorable and may live around 12 years. The life span of sugar gliders may vary depending on many reasons. The sugar gliders love to stay and live in groups.

They are extremely social and love to make friends. Keeping the sugar gliders as pets would not be a wise idea. Allowing them to enjoy themselves with their group would help them to have a long lifespan. It’s vital to feed sugar gliders according to their nutritional requirement.

The nutritional requirement of sugar gliders is different as compared to others. The male sugar gliders have better health, as compared to the women sugar gliders.

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How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live?

Sugar Gliders How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live
Minimum life span10 years
Maximum life span12 years or more

The lifespan of these mammals would vary depending on their health and lifestyle. The environment plays a vital role in increasing the lifespan of the species. The more comfortable the environment would be, the chances of living more for the mammal’s increases. The sugar gliders need their type of food, as their nutrition requirement is different.

If a person feeds the sugar gliders according to the diet requirement then they may have a long life. Taking proper care of the sugar gliders is important to make them live longer. If someone feeds the sugar glider something that they can’t survive on, then the lifespan may decrease.

The life of sugar gliders may get affected by the environment. If a sugar glider gets a good playing environment, then the sugar glider will live long, as compared to others with uncomfortable environments. For every mammal, the environment plays a very big role. Interacting with mammals would help in keeping them active.

The sugar gliders are extremely interactive and social mammals. They need interaction and friends with them for a happy life. The person can take sugar gliders tow anywhere, as they’re not huge. The size of the sugar glider would be very small. These sugar gliders can fit in one’s pocket and would be comfortable in them.

The gestation period of female sugar gliders would be around 17 days which is very few. There is no fixed life expectancy for sugar gliders. It depends on the care they are getting from the wonder.

Why Do Sugar Gliders Live This Long?

The sugar gliders can survive for around 12 years if they get comfort and care. The sugar gliders are affectionate mammals. They need love and care from the wonder to survive long. The life of sugar gliders depends on son the type of lifestyle they have. For example, the sugar glider getting all the health requirements fulfilled may have a longer lifespan.

It’s not only about the food, but the place of survival. No wonder should keep the sugar gliders in a close place with a very uncomfortable environment. The person should keep the sugar glider in an environment (place) where the mammal is comfortable. The sugar gliders need a good amount of attention from their owners.

The more attention they get from their owner, the chances of survival increases accordingly. The sugar gliders can be raised as pampered mammals if they have good attention and love from the owners. The sugar glider has the ability to connect and bond strongly with the owner if the owner can provide them with care.

It’s important to interact with the mammal (sugar gliders) at night for around 1 hour to keep them active. Spending time with the sugar gliders would help them have a happy and loving life, just like they want.


The sugar gliders are extremely loving and adorable mammals. A sugar glider’s lifespan would not be the same for every sugar glider. Providing them with the required nutrition and affection would help in increasing their lifespan.


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