How Long Do Chinchillas Live (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 years (Approximately)

Chinchillas are animals belonging to the Chinchillidae family and are rodents. They are social rodents and live in colonies. Chinchillas are classified into two species. The first is the short-tailed chinchillas, and the second is the long-tailed chinchillas. Short-tailed chinchillas have bluish-grey fur. They are very soft and beautiful and are one of the most expensive in the world.

Chinchillas make an appearance on the list of intelligent animals. They can recognize their owners and their names. They can do some tasks as well after being trained. Chinchillas are natives of the Andes Mountains of Chile. Chinchillas are very soft and fluffy and have one among the softest furs. Their hairs are about 30 times smoother than ours and are expensive to buy as well.

Chinchillas are kept as pet animals as well. They are not very attacking but attack if they feel like they are in danger or any threat. Surprisingly, chinchillas could jump over six feet in height. They have large and sensitive ears and become alert by any non-familiar noise. Hence, they prefer to live in a calm and soundless atmosphere.

How Long Do Chinchillas Live

How Long Do Chinchillas Live?

There are two species of chinchillas. The average lifespan of long-tailed chinchillas is approximately ten years, whereas pets can live as long as 20 years. Chinchillas require a lot of care and maintenance. But not do all the chinchillas live for so long some die early.

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Chinchillas are active and have their way of showing their affections for the owner. There is a Guinness world record after radar for the oldest chinchillas, whose age was around 29 and two-third years old. A chinchilla is fully grown when they are around eight months old.

The fully growing period may differ in some chinchillas due to various factors. The factors could be the care given, the food they eat, and the atmosphere. After one full year, chinchillas are of their maximum size. They are the most active at dawn and dusk and sleep for around twelve hours between dawn and dusk.

How long do Duration
long tailed chinchillas live about 10 years
short tailed chinchillas live between 8 and 10 years
pet chinchillas live20 or more than 20 years
chinchillas live without foodnot more than 12 hours
chinchillas live without waterless than 12 hours

Why Do Chinchillas Live So Long?

Chinchillas have a long lifespan as compared to other animals. The one reason people prefer them as pet animals is their lifespan. Chinchillas, as pets, if given good care, lives for around ten to twenty years.

Chinchillas do not die readily. But some factors have to be carefully handled related to them. Like the temperatures they live in, or the water they drink, or their diet, etc. One reason that leads to chinchilla’s death is overheating. Due to their furs on the body, their body gets overheated, and unfortunately, they die.

Chinchillas require a nutritious and balanced diet that needs a regular check. Chinchillas require proper handling, adequate water, appropriate temperature, a balanced diet, and a cage. They might die due to wetness. The fur on the body of chinchillas holds water which can lead to hypothermia.

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Sometimes, chinchillas do die suddenly. The reasons for sudden death are heart attacks, trauma, strokes, or inappropriate temperatures. Some chinchillas have some health problems, which are gastroenteritis, gastrointestinal stasis, septicemia, and malocclusion. These situations require an expert’s advice and consult.


Chinchillas are rodents. They are native to the Andes mountains in Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. They gradually adapt to changing habits and routines. Chinchillas are known as pet animals due to their long lifespan. They require a lot of care and affection. Chinchillas have their way of expressing their love towards their owners.

They don’t like to live alone and are fond of playing. Chinchillas are energetic pets. Chinchillas do not die at an early age often. Though, some do die at an early age whereas, some live twenty-plus. There are various reasons for their death. The causes of chinchillas death could be naturally, suddenly due to some problems, or some diseases.


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