How Long After Eyelash Extensions can I Shower (And why)?

How Long After Eyelash Extensions can I Shower (And why)?

Exact Answer: 24 Hours

With the ever-growing rise in the fashion industry, people have started shifting to artificial beauty because they are more comfortable than as they look good. Moreover, the rise was seen with the gen-z generation.

Today fashion and beauty are the topics of the ideal world. A person aspires to become or look the best in the crowd with good clothes, makeup, and other accessories from head to toe.

People have started growing through plastic surgeries to look even good, change the shape, size remove fat from their different body parts. One of those is the eyelash extensions done by a professional.

How Long After Eyelash Extensions can I Shower

How Long After Eyelash Extensions can I Shower?

Eyelash extensions can be described as how the eyelash expert adds an artificial layer of a thread made out of different materials like silk, synthetic, etc., that are of different shapes and sizes depending upon the preference. The artificial threads are attached to the natural lash at an individual level using studio glue, and the lases become long, attractive.

The eyelash extension process starts with consulting, where the expert asks the person what kind of shape and size they are looking for and the typical style they want.

Afterward, the artist cleans all the excess oil, dirt, and makeup in the eye area so no problem occurs while applying the lashes. The artist uses a makeup remover to get rid of oils.

After the artist asks you to close the eyes and sit comfortably, the artist places a white sheet and secures that using medical tape, white provides a contrasting background, and the lash artist starts to apply the glue.

The glue will be applied on both sides, then using a tweezer, and the artist sticks a single lash on the natural lash with full attention; the time may add if the artist is applying two artificial lashes on a single lash.

Eyelash Extensions

Then after the full application process, the lash artist will ask you to sit and let them dry and not open the eyes. The drying can take up to 10 minutes. After the drying, the lash artist removes under the eyes sheet, gels and extracts excess glue, brushes the lashes, and the work is done.

FactorsTime Before Shower
Strong Glue12 hours
Non-Water fibres16 hours
Water fibres24 hours

Why Does it Take So Long to Shower After the Eyelash Extension?

After the eyelash extension, one of the major concerns for someone might be washing face or take a shower, but many factors might affect the period when you can take a shower, and those are the type of glue used and the type of lash material.

Although it is very important to wear protective glasses while bathing, water and steam can ruin the glue. But if a good quality glue is used, it will not come off with little water since the hold is good, but if the glue used is normal or of cheap quality, then water touching the lash will come off.

The material used for the artificial lashes also plays an important role if the lash is made out of fibres that absorb water, can become heavy, and then fall.

But if long-lasting nonwatery absorbing lashes are used, they will repel the water, and the lash will be safe that fibre is silk; moreover, silk also provides a more natural look than any other fibres.


It has to be noted that protective eyeglasses are not required every time it has to be used for the first 1 to 2 days as for the lashes to get the hold on the eyes and then the person can carry out their normal washing face and showering.

After the eyelash extensions, it is recommended not to take a hot shower since the steam can loosen out the glue, and the eyelash will fall on the ground. A Lukewarm shower is recommended.


Eyelash extensions can be described as how the eyelash expert adds an artificial layer of a thread made out of different materials like silk, synthetic, etc., that are of different shapes and sizes depending upon the preference.

Eyelash extensions can be taken over as people might not like their existing lashes. An artificial layer may add more attraction towards the eye; it is the majority take-up by the makeup artist.

It is recommended to wear a protective eyeglass for the first 24 hours while taking a shower or washing face and not coming in contact with the stem for a week.




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