How Long Do Tonsil Stones Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 1 year

The part of the body’s immune system and lymphatic tonsil stones are found in the back portion of your throat. These stones are formed in small size and would not be visible easily to some folks. One of the most visible signs of tonsil stones is and breath. People with tonsil stones may experience the issues of bad breath regularly or very often.

The tonsil will be a house for bacteria and would host many bacterial infections. The bacteria would get caught by the tonsils even before entering the cavity (oral cavity). The bacteria and foods get packed in the fold of tonsils. These food and bacteria packed in the folks can form small stones. These are tagged as tonsil stones by professionals (doctors).

How Long Do Tonsil Stones Last


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How Long Do Tonsil Stones Last?

Tonsil StonesHow Long Do Tonsil Stones Last
Minimum lasting time2 to 4 weeks
Maximum lasting time1 year or more

Tonsil stones will go on their own. Generally, tonsil stones may get healed within a few weeks or months. To get rid of tonsil stones, you have to change your lifestyle and eating habits. There are many other natural remedies to help tonsil stones. If you do all the ways to help tonsil stones, then they will vanish in a few weeks.

If you keep on ignoring the treatment of tonsil stone, then it will stay for a year or more. Some of the ways to free tonsil stones are:

Many people use toothbrushes to free the tonsil stones. This method will not work, as it would call for injury. In the case of children, the use of the back of the toothbrush would be a problem, you should try using the front non bristled part of the toothbrush. Try to move the toothbrush very gently to remove (free) the tonsil stones.

Many people try the method of a cotton swab to free the stones (tonsil). This method may be difficult and would call injuries. You should talk to your doctor (or professional) before trying to use a cotton swab for tonsil stones. Putting cotton swabs inside (in the middle of the throat) would cause a gag reflex, so be careful.

Gargling will help in healing and freeing the tonsil stones to some extent. Apple cider vinegar is one of the best for gargling. You can try gargling warm water and putting apple cider vinegar in the warm water. The apple cider vinegar may help in treating tonsil stones by breaking the stone. You can do gargling with apple cider vinegar twice a day to get rid of tonsil stones.

Why Do Tonsil Stones Last This Long?

The tonsil stones can last for a long time if you won’t treat them at the early stage. The tonsil stones are formed by bacterias and food. Therefore, it’s important to take some remedies or steps to get rid of tonsil stones. You can try using non-alcoholic mouthwashes that do not trigger bacterial infections.

Non-alcoholic mouthwashes are good for reducing the chances of bacterial infection in your tonsil stones. Saltwater gargling would be an ideal way to help tonsil stones. Many people trust salt water gargling to get rid of bacterial infections. If you gargle daily using saltwater, then it may take out the food packed in your tonsil folds.

Salt waterworks, as a good antiseptic for preventing infection inside your mouth. The tonsil salt, if untreated would last for a long time, as it has stones in it. You need to get the stones out of the folds, or else it would cause bad breath. You should try avoiding the formation of stones in the folds to prevent tonsil stones. The tonsil stones can stay for years and may cause some complications.


The tonsil stones are not difficult to be treated. You can treat tonsil stones with the correct technique. The ways to treat tonsil stones are quite easy and comfortable. You should contact your doctor or any professional for getting more ideas to treat tonsil stones.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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