How Long After Lithotripsy To Pass Stones (And Why)?

How Long After Lithotripsy To Pass Stones (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 4-8 Weeks

Lithotripsy is a kind of medical procedure where doctors use the help of ultrasound waves to break stones into smaller pieces so that they can be passed out from the body. The stone fragments might take about a week to pass from the body but it could take about 4-8 weeks for all fragments to be removed from the body.

Whenever the fluid or the liquid that you consume a lot of solid particles or crystals then the fluid in your urine can dilute. However, the urine that forms might lack substances that prevent the crystals from sticking together, and thus kidney stones are formed.

How Long After Lithotripsy To Pass Stones

How Long After Lithotripsy To Pass Stones?

Food causing kidney stonesChocolates, tea, spinach, etc.
Kidney stones to pass after lithotripsy4-8 weeks
Stones are passed fromStones pass from your urine after lithotripsy.

People who suffer from stone problems should be able to prevent foods that can cause stones. Your doctor may advise you not to eat certain types of foods that may cause you to form stones. Food items like beets, spinach, and other food items that are rich in oxalate could contribute to kidney stones.

The fragmented stones after Lithotripsy treatment pass out from your urine. Larger stones will hurt while it is being passed out otherwise the stones will pass without any discomfort. There could be a pain in the side of your stomach and you might feel nauseated.


Soon after the treatment, many people can go home because the procedure only takes about half an hour. But, there might be bruising on your back or on your side wherever the stone was treated in case sound waves were used. There can also be some amount of pain over the area where it has been treated.

The recovery time might be as short as possible for most people. A normal person would start to walk as soon as they come out from their treatment. They can even resume their daily activities and conduct their household chores within a day or two after the completion of Lithotripsy treatment.

Why Does It Take That Long After Lithotripsy To Pass Stones?

Healing after a certain treatment will take some amount of time because patients need to take rest as their body needs to recover after they have just gone through the treatment. Soon after Lithotripsy treatment, you will still have fragments of stones inside your body.

For those fragments to be removed completely from your body it could take several weeks or even months. But, in the end, without any complication, your body will be cured as time goes by. You should also note that there is no need to maintain any kind of a special diet. Return to your daily routine but you should make sure that you drink plenty of water.

However, your doctor might also suggest you not to eat certain foods that can lead to forming of stones once again. You should also note that whenever you are urinating then if you feel some kind of pain, vomiting, nausea, chills, fever and some amount of blood in your urine then the treatment is working because the stones are being passed from your body. There is nothing to fear about anything because as time passes your body will heal and adjust itself.


The process or the medical treatment of Lithotripsy will take about a maximum of one hour and before the procedure, you will be given anesthesia so there is no chance of experiencing any kind of pain because of the treatment. The stone debris will be removed on its own as time goes by.


In the end, you want to prevent kidney stones from happening by drinking clean and plenty of water.  As mentioned earlier certain types of foods will likely increase the chance of forming stones in your kidneys. So, it is best to consult with a doctor about consuming certain foods.

In case you are experiencing too much pain as the stones pass while you are urinating then you should talk to your doctor about it. The doctor might suggest that the stones be removed by performing a surgical treatment. Well, that is the rarest case because your body should pass the stones without any discomfort.


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