How Long Do Tulips Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Tulips Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 weeks

Tulips are the most beautiful flowers blooming in the spring month. The tulips would not last for more than 14 days (2 weeks). There are some exceptional conditions where the weather permits the tulips to last beyond 2 weeks. The tulip may not bloom for more than 2 to 3 days if the weather is not in the favour of the tulip.

When someone is planning to make an amazing spring garden, the person should learn about the blooming time of tulips. Tulips are fond of both winter and summer days. The tulips will bloom mostly on hot days in the summer month. People will get to see tulips showing their beauty based on the blooming period of the respective species.

Tulips belong to Turkey and would be in their full capacity in cool and wet climate conditions (cool winters).

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How Long Do Tulips Last?

Types Of Tulips How Long Do Tulips Last
Triumph tulipsUp to 10 days
Double tulipsUp to 14 days
Fringed tulipsUp to 14 days
Parrot tulipsUp to 14 days

The blooming time period for tulips would be very different for each tulip. The tulips would depend entirely on the temperature changes and climatic conditions. The climatic condition required for the tulips should not be very hot. The temperature should be somewhere around 55 degrees (Fahrenheit).

Mainly the cool spring days would be the best match for a long blooming time for tulips. If the temperature is hot or excessively warm then the tulips would not last more than 2 to 5 days. There are many different varieties of tulips bulbs available in the market. The tulip bulbs are mainly classified as late-blooming, mid-season blooming, and early blooming.

The blooming time would be different based on the classification of tulips. If someone wants the tulips to bloom in a short time period (earliest) then miniature tulips are the best option. If you’re planning to make the spring flower bouquet with tulips, then watering the tulips would be great for making them last for a long time.

The person can keep the tulips in an open vase to let them bloom for a long time. After the tulips are plucked, the person has to keep the tulips far away from the sunlight.

Why Do Tulips Last This Long?

The blooming time for each tulip depends on the way the person keeps the tulips. The temperature and climatic conditions are essential requirements for the tulips to bloom accordingly. The tulips are not renowned for their long blooming period, but the person can plan to keep them for a long time.

Tulip bulbs can be stored for a long time. The person can buy tulip bulbs from the market and can store them in a cool place. The place of storage of the tulip bulb should be dry and dark (not exposed to the sun). Planting the tulip bulbs in a pot (planting pots) would be a good idea. The tulips would be fresh for a long time if the person cuts them properly.

The cut tulips can have a better lasting period as compared to other tulips. Tulips crave cool climatic conditions and would love to be in a dry place. Both these requirements would predict how long the tulips can last.

It depends on you to choose the tulips bulbs (types) according to your preference for the blooming period. Make a note that tulips are beautiful flowers with no longevity. Therefore, it’s always good to enjoy the beauty of tulips in the cool spring, but not for a long time.


The blooming and lasting time for tulips would depend on the place where the tulips are kept (or blooming) and the subsequent storage. The colors are known for bringing positivity. Each tulip has its own life cycle and some hybrid varieties might last longer. For example, the blooming time of triumph tulips would not be the same as double tulips.


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