How Long it Takes to Beat God of War Game – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 28-30 hours

God of War is an action-adventure game featuring Kratos as the only playable character. The game focuses on Kratos and his son, and the adventures players have to tackle.

Although you only get to control Kratos while playing the game, some quests allow you to control his son, Atreus, inactively.

The God of War series has several parts, with the A Call to the wild God of War being the latest. Unlike earlier God of War games, the current series is based on Norse mythology, with its setting being in Norway. On the other hand, previous games were based on Greek Mythology.

How Long it Takes to Beat God of War Game

How Long it Takes to Beat God of War Game?

How long a God of War game lasts depends on your navigation pace, your play style, and dedication to the game.

Players that only go for the main game and avoid quests and other complexities will take a short time to complete the game as opposed to those focused on perfecting every aspect of the game.

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The latest series of the God of war games is full of side quests and collectibles that help you build your character. The game is, thus, longer than previous versions.

A player can either decide to go through the game without focusing on the quests or enjoy the game to the fullest by ensuring no stone is left unturned.

Here are the game lengths of each game:

SeriesTime Coverage
God of war 1Main story – 25-28hrs
God of war 2Main story and side quests; 30-35 hours
God of war 3Completionist; 50-60 hours
God of war (A call from the wilds)25-28 hours

Why Does it Take That Long to Beat God of War Game?

God of War, one two and three, take lesser hours to play since they are less complicated and have minimal exploring to do.

As mentioned earlier, the latest version of God of War has more content making it last longer. As seen in the table above, God of War(A call from the wild) lasts depending on the players’ involvement in the game.

Twenty-five hours is the shortest time it can take to complete the game when focusing on the main story only. The time is shorter if the player is quick and good at the game. The time length increases for slow and non-experienced players.

Players doing a bit of exploring and playing side quests take a longer time to complete the game. Quests consume time, thus making it reasonable for the game to last for 5-10 additional hours than the original game time.

A completionist plays for a maximum of 60 hours. The considerable time difference from the original game is because they need to cover each aspect of the game. A completionist is a player who goes through all the quests, explores the game to fully, and ensures that Kratos has all the collectibles he requires.

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If you are going for the full game of war experience, be sure to enjoy each quest and explore each region in the game. The game has several journeys with no relation to the main story, and some are related to the plot of the story.

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