How Long do Concerts Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30-120 Minutes

What is a Concert?

A concert is a live event that’s performed in front of an audience. The event could be headlined by a single artist, a choir, an orchestra, or a band. It depends on the music that’s performed. When recorded music wasn’t available, concerts gave people the ability to listen to their favorite performers.

Concerts can be held in a wide variety of places and settings. Some concerts are held in arenas and sports stadiums while others are held in more intimate settings such as small lounges or private nightclubs. Regardless of the location, artists often perform on stage with a band or audio equipment.

How Long do Concerts Last

How Long Does a Concert Last?

Concert TypeLength
Short Concerts (Independent Artist)30 Minutes
Short Concerts (Well-Known Artist)60 Minutes
Longer Concerts90 Minutes to 120 Minutes

A concert lasts between two and three hours. The length of a concert depends on many factors, such as the setlist and any supporting acts. Most concerts open their doors at 6:30 p.m. for admission, but they won’t start until 8:00 p.m. and last until 11:00 p.m. Male artists tend to start on time compared to some female artists.

There are two types of concerts: short concerts and long concerts. Short concerts are a half-hour for an independent artist or group, or an hour for someone who’s well known but doesn’t have legendary status. It also depends on how much music they released and how many songs they can perform before their fans lose interest.

Longer concerts are for legendary artists and bands. These concerts range from 90 minutes to a few hours. Some legacy acts have performed as long as five hours. The factors depend on how much music the performing act has released and how long fans are willing to watch them perform. The more hits an act has, the longer it’ll take for them to perform.

It also depends on the time of day. For example, night concerts could last longer than daytime concerts. Also, if there’s an opening act, then it could last three hours longer.


Reasons Why a Concert Lasts Long

One way to ruin a fun concert experience for everyone is to have a concert run on too long. While there are plenty of reasons for a concert over time, there are few excuses for it to happen. For example, you could attend the concert by a singer who spent the previous night partying to come out on stage when the show was supposed to start.

That’s not to say there aren’t any good reasons why a concert might last longer than it should. Here are some common reasons as to why most concerts run so long.

  • The headlining or supporting act is stuck in traffic and is late as a result.
  • The performing artist is busy making large demands in their dressing room.
  • The headlining act is focused on something else entirely and isn’t ready to perform.
  • The performing act doesn’t feel obligated to start on time.
Britney Spears Montreal Concert - Smiling Britney

There is a lack of trust between the performing act, the venue owners, and the patrons. The performing act is often waiting for their patrons to show up while the patrons are waiting for the performers to play. This ends up in a lose-lose situation in which the showtime starts later than anticipated.

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