How Long Do Twitter Suspensions Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 Hours To 7 Days

Social media is taking the world of technology by storm and it contributes a lot to the revenue of the world. Some many startups and companies stemmed from the growth of social media and it has given a lot of new opportunities to individuals.

The social media industry has given a lot of people jobs and ways to prove themselves. It has made the job of many people easy, for example, social media now plays a great role in developing the field of marketing, advertising. Social media also helps in connecting and communicating with people all over the world, despite time and distance.

Social media helps people get attention, showcase talent, and publish things that they want to and all they need is the right social media and an attractive account. Social media is used by people all over the world and the most commonly used social media applications include Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, LinkedIn, and some others.

Every social media application is unique and is famous for different reasons. Twitter is one of the highly used social media applications in the world and they have many options that a person can use to have a safe social media experience.

How Long Do Twitter Suspensions Last

How Long Do Twitter Suspensions Last?

Twitter account suspensionsTime
The minimal duration a Twitter account stays suspended12 hours
The maximum duration a Twitter account stays suspended for7 days
In case of minor violations, Twitter suspensions last for24 to 48 hours

When a person breaks the rules of Twitter, necessary action will be taken to cancel out and deactivate the account that caused the damage, and one such option is suspending the account. Accounts are suspended as a last resort when the user has violated some policies.

Sometimes, the account might be suspended permanently, while sometimes it will be activated after a while by Twitter after checking the reason due to which it was suspended. Twitter suspends an account for about 12 hours until it checks out everything about the account, and the maximum duration an account is suspended for is about a week.

When the violation is minor, the account will be suspended just for a day or two, and then it can be activated again. When Twitter decided to suspend an account permanently, it will for sure let the user know about what they had done and why their account is being suspended. Twitter, before suspending an account, will let the users know what policy they have abused and which content the user, posted or shared caused the violation of Twitter policies.

Why Do Twitter Suspensions Last That Long?

According to Twitter authorities, suspending an account is the most severe action Twitter can take on an account, because, not only will be the first account deleted, the person will not be able to open a new account with their original details.

Twitter keeps changing its policies and it is necessary to keep the account clean so that it doesn’t get suspended. There are always methods to get the account back, and whatever the violation might be, the maximum time the account will be suspended is around 48 hours.

First, somebody opens a Twitter account, they can post and tweet whatever they want, unless it doesn’t break policies or abuses, anybody, in any way. When somebody reports status or tweet, the report will be filed and the account will be temporarily suspended based on what the report is and how severe the allegations are.

After Twitter confirms that the report filed is not fake, the policy which is said to be violated will be checked. When everything checks out, the account will be suspended permanently. It is necessary to back up the account, everything in it, like the followers, the following list, and specifically the tweets.


There are ways to unsuspend the account, like verifying the account using the basic login credentials like phone number and email id, although this works for minor violations only.

There are different ways an account can be suspended, for example, when some content is posted which violates the policies, Twitter will make the content temporarily unavailable and will ask the user to edit the contents of the post.

Sometimes, the profile itself will violate the rules, and it can be edited too. After editing the content, unsuspending the account will not be a huge problem. The account will sometimes be placed in Read-only mode, or just verifying the ownership will clear all the allegations.



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