How Long To Drive After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 100 miles

The amount of time before taking an emission test is always fixed for all kinds of cars and trucks. It’s important to have knowledge about how long to drive after resetting the computer to pass the emission test for avoiding hefty fines. The car’s reading plays a vital role in the emission tests.

The driver has to drive the car for some specific amount of time to give the correct readings before the emission test. The car’s reading shown on the sensors should meet the criteria set for passing the emission test. There are some cars that can give the emission test after driving for 50 miles.

In some cases, the cars are required to drive around 100 miles to pass the emission test. The reason for inconsistency and differences between the driving times to pass an emission test is due to many factors that will be monitored by the safety system.

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How Long To Drive After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test?

Driving Distance How Long To Drive After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test
Minimum distance50 miles
Maximum distance100 miles

The accuracy of the emission test depends on the readiness monitors. The performance of the monitors depends on the type and model of the car. The car needs to pass the carbon infection after the resetting. If the car is not reset properly, then it would fail the carbon infection. Sometimes, the pollution coming from the tailpipe of a specific car could be a problem.

This problem would cause errors in between the test. To avoid all these situations car resetting is vital. The car resetting would have a positive impact on the health of the car. Car resetting can help in solving the code trigger issues. You will have to rest the engine of the car if the computer sends a different code without any error.

The parts of the car may have to be replaced if its ends the different codes several times. To avoid such a situation, the person can do a complete check-up of the car. There are many conditions required to pass the emission test. These are:

The OBD port should be function and the warning light of “Check Engine” should be working.

The “check engine” warning light should be off during the emission test. The monitors (OBD-II) should be completed.

Make sure the emission test of the car is done after all the requirements are fulfilled. Any conditions not fulfilled may not pass the car in the emission test.

Why To Drive This Long After Reset Computer To Pass Emission Test?

Many people think resetting is only about upselling the parts and services. Resetting deals with many other big code issues that can disturb the car’s working structure. The car is supposed to be driven for around 100 miles or less, depending on the model of car one is driving. The distance to be covered by all the cars is fixed under the criteria of the emission test.

It’s always vital to clear any trouble code present in the car to pass an emission test. Sometimes, after the car is repaired still it can fail in the emission test. Self-tests are not possible if the car is not driven on the highways. There are some cars that are supposed to drive for several cycles to conduct a self-test.

All these tasks are required to make the monitor of the car ready. While the person is driving the car, the engine gets to normal temperature and then cools down. This will cause a proper engine check of the car before the test.


To set the monitors ready, it’s vital to run the car for some time. If someone skips this part, then the car will fail the emission test as the monitor will not be ready. After driving the car for some amount of time, the check engine light would go off. This shows that the trouble codes are removed, and the monitors (readiness) are reset. This is the vital condition for passing an emission test.


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