How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last (And Why)?

How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3-4 Weeks

Waxing is preferred rather than shaving by most women whether it could be pubic hair or hair all over the body. Because the benefit lies in waxing is when applied on the private part it pulls off the root of the hair which is below the exposed layer of skin. While shaving, hair on the skin gets removed. But when it comes to advances in waxing, a Brazilian wax is most advantageous and preferred.

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How Long Does A Brazilian Wax Last?

The specialty of a Brazilian wax is it clears the entire hair over the pubic region both in males and females. Usually, hot wax is applied to open the pores and can remain for long till the waxing process gets completed. So when the pores are open it would be easier to remove the hair from the follicles underneath layers.

This waxing is not only for hair removal but also for clearing dirt and debris in the pubic part and can only happen when the wax is hot. So one who is preferring waxing suggested to avoid tight-fitting clothing and also to clean the region before and after waxing. When it comes to the advantages of Brazilian wax it is suitable for every skin type, has little bearable pain compared to normal waxing, and takes around 3-4 weeks long for re-growth.

Due to the wax being hot one’s skin gets less sensitive to surrounding natural elements.

Depending on repetition of waxingHow long does waxing last
Not waxing3-4 weeks
Regular waxing6 weeks

Why Does A Brazilian Wax Last So Long?

One after having 3-4 sessions of waxing can observe regular growth of hair and their bristles which gets generated between 3-4 weeks or for 6 weeks. The reason why it lasts for such a long period is that it takes off the hair from its roots and according to the anatomy of the skin if the dermal hair needs to be generated it needs to grow from the hair follicles which are situated deep below the epidermis.

Exfoliation and moisturization are very important when one is the first time got waxing performed because this makes the hair thinner, smoother when it regenerates, and during the next session this helps hot wax in reaching full hair length to get it removed. This can also reduce the irritations that one gets after waxing though there are fewer chances of getting irritations or burns through waxing.

Many things that one has to take care of prevention during the waxing treatment are ingrown hair and pimples which interfere. These things can be prevented by cleansing products containing Salicylic acid. Because salicylic acid removes the debris from deep layers of skin which are the last layers of the epidermis and helps in removing ingrown hairs, pimples, blackheads, and Whitehead. Many say that the result of a Brazilian wax is even better when the hair is 0.3 cm or 0.4 cm long because this shows the perfect long-lasting periods of a Brazilian wax.


Taking tips for any new thing is always safe and gives more idea about what we are going through. Estheticians suggest avoiding shaving in between the sessions whenever they see hairs coming out because this makes the skin rough with the coarse and sharp hair. Taking a water bath is also suggestive because it helps in opening up the pores during the sessions as this also increases the chances of having less pain.

One either a male or female needs to be very calm and stress-free and also free from shyness during the waxing. It is very important to have scanning of skin done before waxing because cuts, bruises, moles, and skin tags interfere with the waxing. One can exfoliate their skin but not gels, lotions, and oils, as these are emulsions, will affect wax material and it loses its sticking property.

The Brazilian wax is recommended for every individual who wants to be free from ectodermal hair and wants to have a glam look.


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