How Long Do Wax Melts Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Wax Melts Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Four Hours Per Cube

Wax melts can be described as candles without any wick. They come in scented aromas and are available in various sizes and shape considerations. The basic use of the aromatic wax melts is to enjoy the sweet fragrances of the wax melts which creates a warm and sweet aura in the room.

Since wax melts do not have a wick of their own, they need a supporting device to burn them. This device is a wax burner. To burn a wax melt, a person needs to put it on the wax burner and light the tea light or switch on the burner, if it is electric.

How Long Do Wax Melts Last

How Long Do Wax Melts Last?

Quantity of Wax MeltsExpected Burning Time
A wax melt cube4 hours
A segment of a clamshell16 hours
A clamshell96 hours

Wax melts do last for a very long time. However, just as no human being is immortal, nothing can last indefinitely and ultimately even the wax melt goes off.

According to various reports by different users of the product, a single cube of the wax melt goes on to last for about 4 hours on average. It means that a cube can keep a person’s entire room fragrant and warm for a good period. However, this time can be further increased if the person puts off the wax warmer once the room is aromatic.

Once the wax warmer is turned off, the wax melt cube will start to solidify while its fragrance might still be very powerful in the room. After a period, when this fragrance dies away, the wax melt can be lighted once again and its sweet aroma will take no time to stretch out in the room. In this way, the life span of a single cube of the wax melt can be stretched far ahead of its capability.

There are 4 cubes of wax melts in a single segment of a clamshell. This implies that one segment of a clamshell can be burned for approximately 16 hours. Moreover, there are 6 segments in a clamshell. Thus, one entire clamshell can give burning hours of roughly 96 hours.

Why Do Wax Melts Last So Long?

The burning time for the wax melts counts on several significant factors. These factors include the type of wax warmer being used, the presence of fragrance oil, the number of wax cubes burnt at a time, and the kind of wax put to use. The total burning time of the wax melt is an influence of all these factors.

The type of wax warmer being put to use to burn wax melts is a crucial determiner in the process. If the warmer being used is hotter, it will result in a short life of the wax melt. This is because hotter wax warmer will burn the wax melt quickly and at a faster rate giving less aromatic hours.

The number of cubes set to be burnt at a time also determines the total fragrant hours. If more than one cube of the wax melt is burnt at a time, it will result in more scented hours as compared to when a single cube is put to use. However, the total burning hours that could have been attained by burning them separately decreases in this case.

The wax melts are made from either of the two types of oils, fragrance oils, and essential oils. Fragrance oils are a mixture of different oils whole essential oils are pure derivatives from plants. If the wax melt is made up of fragrance oil, it will last longer resulting in longer scented hours.


Wax melts are a great way to calm spirits and focus attention. They can be made from either fragrance oils or essential oils. However, was melts made from fragrance oils last much longer as compared to those made from essential oils.

A single cube of wax melt produces an average burning time of 4 hours and the entire burning time for a clamshell stands at about a hundred hours. The duration of the burning of these wax melts depends on the number of cubes used, the kind of wax, and the warmer used to heat them.



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