How Long Does a Person Stay Up in a Day (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 17 hours

Getting enough sleep every day plays one of the vital roles in our healthy life and every one of us loves to sleep and relax. Have you ever noticed what happens when you stay up in a day for long periods? Though there are few exceptions where you have to spend sleepless nights, going sleepless too often can lead to some serious effects.



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People always negotiate how sleep is important in their daily life and run behind their schedule. Usually, people assume that to be healthy, exercise, eating, and drinking water is more enough. But often people forget that they need proper sleep to survive longer. Few times sleep deficiencies occur even when you stay up at night for a longer time.

How Long Does A Person Stay Up In A Day

How Long Does a Person Stay Up in a Day?

Time and amount of sleeping vary from person to person concerning age. Still, there are a few minimum requirements to avoid adverse effects and many other disorders. The most important fact is, the younger people should get more sleep compared to older people. According to the study, to stay healthy an adult should stay up to only 17 hours per day. But sometimes, numerous factors such as work or an emergency disrupt the ability and also reduce the duration of sleep for a long time which leads to sleep deprivation. Study shows that many of adults fail to attain sleep for recommended hours whereas when people get older due to use of less energy, they stay up in a day for more than 17 hours.

Research says that, for people who are around, 18-30 years, due to various circumstances tends to stay up in a day for more than 15 hours and even spend one or two sleepless nights which causes short term memory problem in early age.

Choose the right time to stay up– Sleeping at the wrong time of the day can destroy your regular sleep schedule. The best time to stay up is from morning 6 am till night 10 pm for approximately 17 hours.

Practicing a proper schedule will help people to stay up longer and get adequate sleep as recommended.

In summary :

Age of a person (in years)Duration
Above 6019 hours
30-6017 hours
18-3015 hours
8-1713 hours
Infants-710 hours

Problems children face when they stay up in a day for a longer duration:

  1. Higher risk of engaging in antisocial behavior.
  2. Problems with physical growth and mental development.

Why it is Necessary to Sleep for Minimum Hours?

In terms of sleep, not only quantity but quality also matters. It is a good habit to sleep at least for 7-8 hours per day and people should follow this to avoid serious disorders. This practice will help to get trackback on schedule. It takes more time to recover from sleep deprivation which is very harmful concerning for a healthy life. Recovering, from sleep deprivation, depends on how long people stay up in a day than the recommended hours.

The first phase of sleep deprivation occurs when a person tends to stay up for almost one complete day. Most of the adults can tolerate only till this level. When sleep deprivation continues, it becomes very much difficult to stay up. It always impairs the cognitive function and perception of reality. Although dying from sleep deprivation is very rare.

As a result, sleep does not only contribute to physical health but also helps to improve emotional and behavioral control which is one of the most important parts of each and everyday life. Fortunately, when you practice proper sleep habits, there is very little chance of falling into the trap of sleep deprivation.

Though we forget to give proper weightage to regular sleep and its cycle, we couldn’t understand its use as a best RESOURCE which can be invested instead of other resources to get more benefits elsewhere. Staying up is necessary, but sleep is also not only important but also is very much more flexible, and that too in multiple ways. So this is the time to make sleep a priority.


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