How Long Does a Factory Reset Take – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10-15 minutes

A factory reset is an electronic software process that entails restoring the original system state by completely erasing all things stored inside. Doing this restores the machine to its original manufacturing settings. In this article, we will take you through how long it takes a factory reset takes.

How Long Does a Factory Reset Take


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How long does a factory reset take?

Type of iPhoneTime Taken to Factory Reset
iPhone15 minutes
Android10 minutes

A factory reset takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. However, you should put some measures into consideration before starting the whole procedure. This means doing so ensures you avoid loss of personal data once the factory reset is conducted.

Here are some things that affect your need to do as they affect how long the factory reset takes;

Remove your SD card from your device – Factory reset can temper with your footages in your memory card or hard disk since it entails erasing of all the data in them.

sim card, card, memory

So you should remove your hard disk and memory card in the machines before formatting them. This will determine how long it will take you to restore your device.

The battery of your machine should be above 75% – This is a very vital factor that you need to consider when it comes to factory reset. If you do not charge your device correctly, there is a high possibility of it going off during the process of factory reset.

Therefore, it merely means you will again have to redo the whole process after your machine is well charged. This will, therefore, take you more time than you can imagine, probably it would take you long enough to complete the entire process.

Backup your files – Whenever you conduct a factory reset, it is recommended you back up your files to prevent loss of data.

This means you will delete all your footages from the device, and it will just be like you have acquired a new one from the shop.

So to avoid all these risks, it better to back up your files to prevent losing important ones.

Why it takes that long?

The duration factory resets take a specific duration due to several factors, these are;

Availability of power – Power plays a vital role in ensuring that the factory reset takes place.

Just as I told you before, you should make sure your device is well charged to achieve the whole process. This will determine why it will take a long or short duration for the process to complete.

Professionalism – It is significant to have skills and knowledge about factory reset, not everyone is qualified to conduct it.

Therefore, you should be more selective and careful about whoever might be doing the procedures on your machines.

Furthermore, this will also help you avoid damages on your machines, and this explains more why it might take that long to reset you’re your machine.

Availability of hard disk and memory cards – Availability of resources determines why it will take a certain period to accomplish the process. Mostly in offices, you might wait longer for the company to acquire backup resources to start the process. Therefore, this is also vital in the entire process.


The information above has well clarified how and why factory reset takes that long. It is thus upon you to internalize this information to acquire the best results.

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Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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