How Long Does A Quick Weave Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 weeks

The quick weave can last for around 5 weeks if they are correctly installed. In quick weave style, a protective wig cap is used for sticking or gluing the hair extensions before linking the hair extensions to the head. People can do this quick weave hairstyle at home if they know the correct technique to do it.

Quick weave doesn’t require much care or maintenance. The best part about the quick weave is that it can be done in 1 to 2 hours. The tension produced on the hair due to quick weave would be very less.


How Long Does A Quick Weave last?

Quick WeaveTime
In weeks5 weeks
In days35 days

There are many factors and conditions that would affect the lasting time of the quick weave. If someone fails to install the quick weave in the correct way, then it would not allow the quick weave hairstyle to last for more than 2 to 3 weeks.

It’s vital that your hair glue should stay away from the head, as hair glue can cause huge problems for the scalp. If someone wants to maintain the quick weave for more than 4 weeks, then they should try to visit a professional salon.

The quality of products used by the person would affect the lasting time of the quick weave. After the quick weave is done, everyone should avoid the use of oil-based shampoo. Oil content in the shampoo can make the glue get loose very quickly.

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If someone is planning to clean their hair with the quick weave can try to use shampoo with no oil in it. People should avoid swimming inside the pool if they have done a quick weave. The chemicals present inside the pool will damage the quick weave. The lasting time of the quick weave depends on the strength of the glue.

If the glue can hold the hair extensions for more than 4 weeks, then the quick weave can last long. Therefore, it’s important that people should use top-quality glue to avoid the quick weave getting loose in just 5 to 10 days.

Why Does A Quick Weave Last For This Long?

The bonding glue would not stay for more than 4 to 5 weeks, and this may not allow the quick weave to last for a long time. Hair loss can be a big problem that people can expect after the quick weave. Some people may see that the hair would dry out very quickly after the quick weave.

This may not allow the quick weave to last longer due to excessive dehydration of the scalp. If someone uses any type of hair scrub on the scalp, then this can weaken the glue and disturb the tracks. The quick weave is affordable, and people can get it done with less effort.

Shedding can be a big issue that people may see after a quick weave. People can use a glue protector to make the quick weave last longer. Using good quality hair extensions is also vital for allowing the quick weave to last longer than 4 weeks.

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If someone has healthy hair, and the installation is done properly. Then the quick weave may last for more than 5 weeks, which is quite rare. Everyone should try to dry out the hair before applying the glue to it. A little moisture in the hair will not allow the glue to stick the hair extensions properly.

People can avoid making complex hairstyles after doing the quick weave. Doing an easy hairstyle after the quick weave would prevent hair damage and loosening of glue.


The installation and maintenance of the quick weave play a vital role in determining the lasting time of the hairstyle. Everyone should have proper knowledge about the quick weave installation process if they are trying to do it at the home. People should use the best brands for their hair extensions and glue.

The quick weave would not last long if they are mishandled or exposed to chemical products. Washing the hair after a quick weave would reduce the lasting time.



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