How Long Does It Take To Grow A Christmas Tree (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 – 14 Years

Year after year, thousands of Christmas trees are purchased, placed on stalls, ornamented for the festivities, and appreciated throughout the holiday rush in the United States. People buy and design beautiful trees all around the world, and it is a tradition to keep Christmas gifts under the tree. The significance of a Christmas tree during the Christmas season is enormous.

A certain date is linked with both putting up and pulling down a Christmas tree. Christmas trees were originally taken in and adorned on Christmas Eve, then taken down the day following Twelfth Night (January 5). It was considered unlucky to just have a Xmas tree pre or post-certain days.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Christmas Tree

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Christmas Tree?

A typical 6-7ft Christmas tree tends to take 10 to 12 years to develop from the bud. They are grown from seed in greenhouses for two to four years before being replanted outside in Christmas tree orchards for the next eight years. They develop slowly for the first several years until finally increasing at a rate of one foot each year. The time it takes to grow a complete tree is determined by a variety of parameters.

There is no way to speed up the process of growing a Christmas tree. In practice, a faster-growing tree will have fewer foliage and branches, whereas a slower-growing tree would be bushier and denser. Growers of Christmas trees must be properly nurtured in plantations before being released elsewhere in the appropriate temperature and soil variety.

Every tree will require fertilizer, base trimming, lateral pruning/shearing, bud plucking, growth control, and crop protection at some point throughout its development. This technique will have to be performed every year until they reach the maturity stage where they can be harvested. Gardeners will also transplant every tree that is removed each year to maintain consistent production.

TreeGrowth Pace
Leyland cypress4 – 6 Years
Arizona cypress4 – 6 Years
Fraser fir7 – 10 Years
Canaan fir7 – 10 Years
Eastern redcedar14 Years
Virginia pine14 Years

People nowadays like growing their own Christmas trees at houses. It’s also not all that complicated. If you don’t have enough space in the home for landscaping, you may buy a little tree and let it mature on your roof until Christmas. However, if you schedule ahead of time, you may be able to enjoy the holiday with a homemade version.

Why Does It Take This Long To Grow A Christmas Tree?

A Christmas tree requires extreme care for it to grow long, bushy, and healthy. The big ones grow depending on altitude, soil variation, the climate of the area, and food. Be it a genuine or manufactured Christmas tree, be certain it has foliage. Make sure the stems are trimmed and arranged to your liking. Remove any stems that are interfering with the symmetry of the tree. Some steps you can take for it to grow properly are:

  1. Planting
    Your sowing location should be free from potential intrusion. Eliminate steep terrain, which is prone to soil runoff and where water runs away before accessing the bases. Get rid of any weeds on the property. Seedlings of the top condition can be purchased at a super grocer or purchased online. The optimal period to sow the tree is between February and May.
  2. Watering and soil
    Christmas trees may flourish in practically any soil, although loamy soil is the best. Keep the area wet at all times.
  3. Sunlight
    Because seedlings cannot withstand extreme heat, they must be grown in the fall or winter.
  4. Fertilisers
    Use an all-purpose fertilizer just once or twice per year to fertilize your tree. To boost nutritional levels, manure can be introduced. The plant, on the other hand, does not require substantial fertilization.


Because luscious green pines are always in high demand, purchase as soon as possible. Keep in mind to water it on a daily basis to keep it looking fresh and lush during the holiday season. If you have a yard or lawn in front of the house, it is a great idea to sow seeds at the earliest, so that you have a full-grown Christmas tree outside your house all year round.


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