How Long After Edible Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six Hours

Nowadays, consumption of cannabis edibles has become common than smoking them. Edibles offer a psychoactive impact without challenging the user to inhale smoke into their lungs. It makes the users feel safer. Many cannabis edibles are delicious. Nowadays, cannabis edibles are legal in many states.

But these edibles do convey health hazards. If anyone consumes these edibles, they need to learn how it works and its effect on your body and mind. The time for which cannabis edible stays depends on the quantity of consumption for an occasional or regular user. Usually, it takes thirty days for cannabis to migrate from your body if used regularly. Therefore, regular consumption of edibles should be avoided.

How Long After Edible Can I Drive

How Long After Edible Can I Drive?

Edibles are food items that include cannabinoids. Nevertheless, this section of edibles can carry other ingestible products like drinks, sweets, or pills. From when these edibles have become legal, the nature of edibles has widely progressed. Individuals need to note that these edibles can resemble standard candy. If you need to know long THC from cannabis edibles affects the human body, you need to go through a few factors. First, half of the life of cannabis keeps on fluctuating. Usually, it falls somewhere between three to twelve days.

To find out the exact length, you need to know the quantity consumed by an individual. Also, whether the individual is an occasional or regular user, frequent use of edibles can cause sensitivity, demanding ever-increasing quantities to assume the same highness. Since these edibles take time to treat and metabolize, they stay in an individual’s body for a longer time than inhaled THC. For individuals who smoke cannabis, THC levels decrease the moment the high wraps off. When consumed by an individual, it might require about a day to reduce the THC levels.

Frequency Of The Edible ConsumerTime After Edible To Drive
Regular consumerFour hours
New consumerSix hours

It is not advised to drive immediately after using cannabis edibles as the person is not in its senses. People who use edibles regularly can drive after four hours of their consumption. In contrast, new consumers of edible should avoid driving for six hours after using cannabis edible.

Why Does It Take That Long After Edible To Drive?

When individuals intake edibles, then it goes their passage into the digestive system. Once it gets digested, then cannabis secures its route to enter the liver. Inside the liver, an individual’s body transforms delta-9 THC to 11-hydroxy THC. During this transformation happens, the outcome is comparatively more psychoactive than what is felt while smoking THC. So, the individuals must note that the THC present in edibles does take a prolonged time to hit individuals in association with smoking cannabis. It might cause a little delay in digesting.

The delay can be up to two hours amid consumption and highness. In contrast, inhaling the THC permits it to enter the bloodstream and has an instant result within five minutes. Those people who smoke can head to overconsumption. Some candy or sweet edibles products are available that act more swiftly than other items like baked ones. It happens when the edible product melts inside your mouth and permits the THC to linger through and enter the bloodstream with ease.


It takes that long after edibles to drive because the brain doesn’t control the body, and accidents can occur. Also, individuals need to remember that the highness can remain significant for a long time with the consumption of edibles. When puffed or smoked, the highness or the effect lasts for numerous hours. Be safe from these edibles, as the result of high might last up to twelve hours.


Finally, it can be concluded that everything comes with a risk, so do edibles. It can lead to cannabis-induced problems in which an individual might experience delusions, disorientation, and fear. Also, some individuals encounter panic attacks or hyperemesis syndrome.

On average, driving is prohibited for a minimum of six hours after using edibles. Consuming rather than smoking THC won’t alter the reality that it enters your digestive system. Due to the process in which the body processes edibles, a drug test can detect THC levels in your body that too for a longer period. It is not a good practice to use cannabis-induced edibles regularly.


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