How Long To Hear Back After KPMG Interview (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5-8 Working Days

Interviewers require some time to evaluate several criteria and several other things of the candidate before they are selected for the job. The offer letter after a KPMG interview will be sent within a week in case everything goes well during the interview.



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However, sometimes it can take two weeks to hear back from KPMG because there might be more candidates appearing for the interview. KPMG interview questions are asked to test your academic performance in case you are a fresher. If you are an experienced candidate then your prior experience would be tested.

How Long To Hear Back After KPMG Interview

How Long To Hear Back After KPMG Interview?

KPMG interview questionsThe interview is conducted to test your awareness about industries and services that KPMG caters to.
For a fresherCandidates would be judged on their academic performance.

Normally, it would take about one or two weeks before you can hear back after a KPMG interview. If your interview has gone well then there are high chances that you can hear back within the first week after giving the interview. And in some cases, people or candidates hear back from KPMG after two weeks.

Once you have given your interview successfully then there is nothing that you should worry about because you cannot change the outcome. Even if you get rejected from the job then you should be able to look for a job that will be best suited for you according to your academics.

You should also know that getting hired in KPMG is much easy because typically between 90% of the candidates are offered an offer letter. The selected candidates are offered a full-time job. The same offer is also available for students who have graduated recently. You should also know that the acceptance rate is about 95%.

KPMG is one of the best places to work because the work environment is something that you cannot complain about. Individuals are motivated to work in KPMG because the working environment is challenging. There is also a chance for learning for fresher candidates and there are several types of training provided so that they can enhance their skills.

Why Does It Take That Long To Hear Back From KPMG?

Since KPMG has an excellent working environment then there would be more and more candidates applying for job vacancies. Therefore, it could take up some time to hear back from them in case you have given an interview for a job post.

People who have cracked the interview with KPMG usually receive their offer letter within a week or sometimes even less than a week. Well, it is only because KPMG has got a good acceptance rate and thus more people are also selected for the job.

Some of the most common questions asked during the interview are listing some of the achievements of your life, explaining the candidate’s personality in a word, and other such types of questions. In case you have applied for consulting roles in the company then you could be asked for case interviews.

If you are thinking about whether or not working for KPMG is worth your time or not then you should know that working at KPMG is really a great opportunity. There is an excellent professional structure provided for the candidates for learning and career growth.

The workplace is something that is quite impressive and there are reward schemes for the employees too so that they feel motivated to work. People have enjoyed working with KPMG and therefore you should also give it a try.


Working with KPMG will provide you with excellent working conditions and therefore you can gain a lot of experience working for them. Several people who have worked with KPMG have recommended youngsters to work with KPMG because there are so many skills that they could learn while working for them.

The duration of work depends or varies throughout the year. People have said that during the busy season usually from the month of January to March people could work for about 50-70 hours. During the summer season, the time could be reduced to about 40 hours a week. The duration of  the KPMG process would be about 4 hours.


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