How Long Does Campylobacter Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 days

Campylobacter infection would stay for around 7 days. The intensity of symptoms and health conditions of the person would affect the lasting time of Campylobacter infection. Symptoms such as vomiting and fever are very common if you have campylobacter.

This diarrhoeal illness would happen due to the presence of a bacteria named Campylobacter. The immune system of any person would affect the lasting time of the Campylobacter infection. The eating habits and lifestyle of the person would affect the lasting time of any bacterial infection.

How Long Does Campylobacter Last


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How Long Does Campylobacter Last?

In days7 days
In weeks1 week

There are many factors that would affect the lasting time of the Campylobacter infections. The intensity of the infection would be different for all many people. Some people may have severe Campylobacter infection while others may have low-intensity Campylobacter infection.

Everyone with a high degree of Campylobacter would see the symptoms for around 7 days or more. People who are having mild Campylobacter infection would see the symptoms for around 3 to 5 days. This stomach flu can last for around 10 days if the person would not maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet.

If someone eats any food that contains Campylobacter, then the person would get affected with the infection. Campylobacter may also be present in the drinks. The person would not be able to see the infection symptoms instantly.

Once the bacteria enter inside the body of the person, then the person may see the symptoms within 1 to 3 days. Food such as chicken, seafood, and unfiltered water may contain the Campylobacter bacteria. If someone has a weak digestive system, then they would see the symptoms for more than 4 to 7 days.

People with gastrointestinal disorders would not be able to recover from Campylobacter infections before 7 days.

Why Does Campylobacter Last This Long?

Some people may get the Campylobacter bacteria from the animal’s waste. Most of the time, people with mild symptoms may recover on their own without any medication. People with severe symptoms would not be able to recover without any treatment.

Everyone can consult the doctor to know the degree of the infection and to get correct medications for it. The age of the affected person would affect the lasting time of Campylobacter. With age, the digestive and gastrointestinal systems of the person would get weak.

Therefore, elderly people may see serious symptoms of Campylobacter infection and the infection in elderly people would not go before 7 days. The adults may get recovered in 3 to 5 days if they have good immunity. The teenagers or chidren would get highly affected by the Campylobacter bacteria.

Some people may see severe symptoms such as blood in the stool. People who see blood in the stool may have a high degree of Campylobacter infection. The doctor would test the stool of the person to know the severity of the bacterial infection. In some cases, the Campylobacter bacteria would enter into the blood of the person.

Most of the time, the doctor would ask the patient with Campylobacter infection to correct their lifestyle and diet. If the bacteria enter the blood of the person, then it would cause many life-threatening infections or illness symptoms in the person.


The Campylobacter infection would stay for around 7 days. People can get recovered without any treatments as there is no such specific treatment for food poisoning. The doctor may give medication or injection for controlling the symptoms such as fever and diarrhea.

People should avoid junk or unhealthy food to recover faster. People should take a good amount of rest for recovering in a faster manner. Dehydration can make the infection last longer. Therefore, people should drink a good amount of water to not make the infection go worse.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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