How Long Does A Colonoscopy Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 to 60 Minutes

The medical department comes under the grade one category when the topic comes to human survival. That’s why doctors are next to God because their hands can save lives.

In the early human days, people were healthy with a strong immune system and physical body. Sadly, with time, the number of diseases grew dramatically and the sudden need for quality medical science rose.

Pollution and unhealthy diet habits took over the human body and caused havoc inside. Relief is after knowing the fact that medical society always finds a way to cure the disease. 

Among the diseases, one such disease is inflammatory bowel disease. It is also called Crohn’s or Ulcerative colitis disease in medical terms. 

How Long Does A Colonoscopy Take

How Long Does A Colonoscopy Take?

Colonoscopy duration 30 to 60 minutes
Healing time after a colonoscopy18 to 24 hours

Different people across the world may encounter different medical issues. Inflammatory bowel disease is a painful health problem for any person. The pain may rise to an unbearable extent at times. 

People with inflammatory bowel disease need a colonoscopy for sure. It is always advised and recommended to these people. With colonoscopy, it is easier to figure out the issue and find a cure for it. 

In a colonoscopy, the procedure is to insert a long tube inside the rectum of a human being. The tube is called a colonoscope in medical terms. A colonoscope is very flexible for smoother operation. 

At the top of the tube, there’s always a small-sized camera attached to it. With the help of this camera, doctors can see through the entire colon of a human body. This is how a colonoscopy in basic terms is done. 

The tube must be inside the patient’s body unless the doctor in charge doesn’t call for its detachment. It is because until now, the tube is the only way to see through the colon of a human body and perform surgery accordingly.

Before a colonoscopy, the medical staff ensures the equipment to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. It is to avoid any unnecessary infections and complications while performing the test. 

Another use of the tube is to provide the doctor with tissue samples. These are necessary for a thorough examination of the patient’s body.

Why Does A Colonoscopy Take That Long?

Colonoscopy is a very safe procedure. It is comparatively less complicated than some other serious procedures. However, it may cause heavy bleeding at times. 

The patients are seen to be worried about it. This is not a life-threatening issue from any angle. The bleeding happens due to minor reasons and can be stopped in a few minutes. 

Other common side effects of a colonoscopy are mild abdominal pain and pouch infection. Whatever the issue is, the patient needs to be relaxed. The side effects will be taken care of by the doctor.

A successful colonoscopy depends on the patience of a patient and the observation skills of a doctor. Both things need to join hands with each other. Being hasty can prove fatal for the patient. 

If any of the sides take it lightly, there can be serious side effects and the duration of agony will increase. Some patients may find the procedure to be gross and painful. 

To avoid any serious pain, the patients are given mild sedatives. Slight discomfort can still be there. The patient may also feel uneasy after the colonoscopy. 


It is very important to deal with the procedure with patience and seriousness. That’s why it takes around 60 minutes. Fetching tissue samples and locating the affected area need a significant amount of time. 

With health insurance plans by the government, the expenditure can be minimized and made affordable. This makes it less complicated for comparatively poor people. After the colonoscopy, doctors treat the inflammatory bowel disease and cure it. The samples from the colonoscopy are always assets for the doctors. The healing period after a colonoscopy is not that painful and can be handled. The patient needs to rest for a few hours and everything will fall into place in no time. 



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