How Long Is A Novel (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Over 40,000 words

A novel narrates the fictional stories in a certain word length. It deals with uncountable cultures which combine all the human experience and their feelings in a book. It is an art of representing imaginative thoughts, crafting them nicely into words along developing connecting storyline.

There are so many genres of novels available such as Suspense, Romance, Thriller, Mysteries, Historic, etc. A novel has some comparable characteristics to a short story. It has a stalwart pack of characters, climax, conflict, the plot of the story, dialogues of the characters. Although it is not obligatory that all the elements should be present in a novel.

How Long Is A Novel

How Long Is A Novel?

It has been considered that a good novel should have over a 40,000+ word limit. The word Novel has been derived from an Italian word that is used to define the short story. In all the categories, the major aim is to produce good stories to the readers.

The only distinction in all the categories is that the word limit varies from one to another. That is why they are segregated into separate divisions and named as per word count. It helps the readers while reading them.

They get to know by looking at its size that how much time it will consume to read it. There are four standard categories for writing stories.

Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story. Each category has its own word limit to narrate the story. The word limit commences from up to 7,500 words to 40,000+ words.Any book over the 40,000-word limit is judged novel.

The wordlist can be increased to 90,000 words. It is the average word limit for any novel. Over100,000 or under 50,000 it becomes difficult to sell the story to a publisher.

The too short or too long length of the story depends upon the genre writer has selected to write down. However, in the case of Novella, the words should be between 17,000-40,000. It is like a short novel.

Different Categories Word Limit
NovelOver 40, 000 words
Novella17,000- 40,000 words
Novelette7,500- 17,000 words

Why Does A Novel Is So Long?

The basic components for the structure of the novel are chapters to give brief about the background, characters, dialogues, plotting to add a twist.

All the characters involved in the storyline of the novel must be developed well. The story always twirls and is based on the characters. If the characters are portrayed well then it can make readers enjoy while reading it.

Thus, it is necessary to do equal justice with the character building of the important characters of the story. Just like water helps the dead plants in bloom.

Similarly strong and engaging character roles in the story make the novel interesting and stand out piece. Dialogues are also a required component of the novel. It describes the conservation between the characters.

It depends upon the writer how he/she wants to use this factor. It helps in briefing things in a short way rather than writing big descriptions on the things. It also describes the personality of the character and gives a clue to understanding the character accurately.

Good dialogues leave a perfect impact on the readers.The addition of the plot in the story creates a twist in the whole storyline. It involved the characters and storyline.

Always prepare an outline during the planning phase for writing the novel. Quality of writing is one of the most significant factors which decides the success of the novel. No matter how the story is but the way its narration is done matters the most.


The main purpose of writing is to connect the readers with the book and make them feel all the characters thoroughly. That feeling of connectivity provides them with moments of joy. Some readers enjoy long novels while others don’t. The writer must understand the background of your audience before writing it down.

The story plot and characters should be the determining factor for the considerable length of the novel. A too-long novel also creates problems. A combination of balanced words over 40,000 and a good storyline with good characters is appropriate for a perfect novel.



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