How Long To Lose A Stone (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 6 weeks

One stone would be equal to 6.35 kgs. Anybody can lose a stone in just 6 weeks by proper diet and lifestyle. Workout plays a vital role in helping everybody to lose a stone. The magic rule is to lose a stone by doing a calorie deficit diet. A calorie deficit diet would help in losing calories and this would help in the weight loss journey.

Taking the suggestions from a diet and workout trainer would help in weight loss in very little time. There is no such fixed time for losing 6.35 kgs, but if someone does everything correctly, then it is possible. Some people may lose a stone in just 4 weeks. The body type and fat percentage play a huge role in influencing how long it would take to lose a stone.

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How Long To Lose A Stone?

Time Period To Lose A StoneHow Long To Lose A Stone
Minimum time period4 weeks
Maximum time period6 weeks

The length of time for losing a stone would depend on how quickly someone loses weight. The person can do the calorie deficit diet in two ways. These are:
Eat very few calories as per the dietician’s suggestion.
People who can’t control calories can burn the calories through workouts.

The calories to be taken by the body should be less than the calories required by the body. Everyone trying to lose a stone should have track of all the calories getting inside the body by using a calorie calculator. The person can do the following to maintain the calorie deficit diet plan:
Include more vegetables in the meals.

The protein content should be high in meals.

The amount of water should be always more than 3 to 4 litres.

Include more fruits in your snacking meals.

Always keep a track of the calorie content in your meals.

Avoid liquids with high-calorie content.

Don’t eat smoothies or cold drinks with very high calories.

Exercises are not going to help if you are not following a good calorie deficit diet. Everyone can burn calories by exercising but not more than a calorie deficit diet. There are many exercises that help the weight loss journey and you can perform them daily. Try to do intense exercises such as weight lifting, abs exercises, and squats.

Yoga is also a good way to smoothly lose a stone in one month or more. HIIT is a good intense workout that would help in losing a stone in just 4 to 6 weeks.

Why It Takes This Long To Lose A Stone?

The fat percentage in the body played a very important role in increasing or decreasing the weight loss journey. For example, people with a fat percentage of more than 20 percent would be able to lose a stone in very little time. People that have fat percentage extremely high may have to continue the weight loss journey for more than 6 weeks.

The time required to lose a stone depends on how many calories you eat and what kind of exercise you do. A healthy lifestyle is very important for losing a stone in just 4 to 6 weeks. People should avoid alcohol and smoking if willing to lose a stone.

If the person would be capable of reducing the water content, muscle mass, and body fat percentage, then the weight loss journey would not be difficult. Carbohydrates should not be taken in huge amounts as they contain more water. It’s necessary to do exercises with calorie deficit to not lose strength or metabolic performance.

Healthy weight loss is vital for people. If somebody notices better skin condition and feels more energetic, then the workout and calorie deficit are working properly.


There are many myths about what to eat or do during a weight loss journey to lose a stone. Sometimes people start eating an incomplete diet to lose a stone faster. Those won’t work as the diets need to fulfill the nutrient requirement of the body. Try to eat more vegetables and fruits as they contain a lot of nutrients. Reduce the portion of the food.

People need to eat less, but skipping a meal is not a healthy choice.



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