How Long Does A Teeth Cleaning Take (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 60 minutes

Teeth cleaning by professionals would help the person for preventing many gum diseases. Teeth cleaning would help in maintaining the health of the teeth and gums. Tooth cleaning would prevent tooth decay, bacterial infections, and cavities problems. Brushing may not work to deep clean the mouth.

Therefore, the person should go for teeth cleaning according to the doctor’s recommendation. The teeth cleaning process would not take a lot of time and it would be over in 60 minutes. The process of teeth cleaning would involve an oral examination, the scrutinization of dental hygiene habits, and professional teeth cleaning.

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How Long Does A Teeth Cleaning Take?

Teeth Cleaning How Long Does A Teeth Cleaning Take
Minimum time30 minutes
Maximum time90 minutes

There are mainly 6 steps of teeth cleaning and these steps would be covered by the dentist. The purpose of doing teeth cleaning is to clear the plaque built in the teeth. The teeth cleaning process would also clear any type of dirt present inside the mouth. The time of teeth cleaning would depend on how much plaque is formed in the gums and teeth.

People with very less plaque can get the teeth cleaning done in just 60 minutes. People with extremely high amounts of plaque may get the teeth cleaning done in 90 minutes. The oral examination would clear any doubts that the dentist may have.

If the dentist found any type of dental issues inside the mouth during the oral examination. Then they have to check if they can proceed or not. If the dentist found any severe dental issues or infections inside the mouth during the oral examination, then they may stop the cleaning there.

Many experts recommend doing teeth cleaning two times every year, as it would remove any stain in the teeth. People experiencing bad breath for a long time will have to do teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning is a great process to reduce the bad breath problem. The health of the teeth is vital for reducing the health problems such as diabetes.

People with heart issues should also keep their teeth clean. The teeth cleaning process is for everyone struggling with unhealthy teeth issues. People who want to maintain the health of their teeth can also go for teeth cleaning.

Why Does A Teeth Cleaning Take This Long?

The steps of the teeth cleaning process are supposed to be done correctly. The teeth cleaning steps are the following:
Step 1- Initial Oral Examination
The first step starts with the oral examination. In this, the dentist would use a glass to examine the condition of the teeth. Sometimes, people may have some hidden teeth issues that should be noted before beginning the teeth cleaning. These minor issues need to be corrected and should be taken care of during the teeth cleaning process.
Step 2- Plaque Formation
Tartar and plaque formed in the teeth area would be cleaned in this teeth cleaning process. It’s very difficult to clean the tartar and plaque formed between the gum and teeth. Normal flossing and brushing technique would not work for the plaque and tartar cleaning. The second step is to clean and remove all the plaque and tartar formed in the gap.

Step 3- Teeth Polishing 

In the third step, the dentist uses powerful toothbrushes and other tooth polishes. Here, the person can choose their choice of flavors for the tooth polish. Teeth cleaning don’t hurt, so the person should not be scared.

Step 4- Teeth Flossing

Flossing teeth is the third step of teeth cleaning. This process is done to remove any extra plaque or tartar left in the teeth or gumline. The professionals would be able to note where exactly the gum bleeding is happening.

Step 5- Rinsing                                                                                                                                              

Rinsing is the last step of dental teeth cleaning. The dentist will ask the person to take some water inside the mouth and then swish it. Then the professional would use suction to take out the water inside the mouth.

Step 6- Final Check-up

This is the last step of the teeth cleaning process. The dentist would check the condition of the teeth after all the steps are done.


After the teeth cleaning process is over, the dentist would recommend any specific toothbrush or toothpaste that the person should take. The dentist would ask the person to do the next dental check-up and cleaning after 6 months. Teeth cleaning is a great method to find out any dental issues associated with the person.

People with gum disease may have bleeding during the flossing step.



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