How Long Does IOS 14 Take To Install (And Why)?

How Long Does IOS 14 Take To Install (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 20 minutes

Now Apple has come up with IOS 14 after a few months of Beta testing. The IOS 14 (version) was introduced in 2020. The Beta users were already able to access and use the Ios 14. All the major members would take around 20 minutes to install the IOS 14. The IOS 14 is available for people with having iPhone 6s and above.

The installation of IOS 14 can be done by people with iPhone SE. The installation process for the iPhone users would vary, as it depends on the phone one is having. The maximum installation time would not go beyond 45 minutes. The size of the file for IOS 14 would be different for all the devices. The time of installation would vary according to the size of the file.

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How Long Does IOS 14 Take To Install?

IOS 14 Installation How Long Does IOS 14 Take To Install
Minimum time of installation15 minutes
Maximum time of installation45 minutes

The installation time of IOS 14 is different for all the models of the iPhone. For example, the installation time of the iPhone XR would not be the same as the iPhone 6s. The top models may get the installation done in less time. The size of the file plays a vital role in determining the installation time period.

If the size of the file would be less, then the installation can be done in a few minutes. Installation with big size file may go beyond 30 minutes. A stable internet connection is a vital condition for speedy installation. For the top model, the file size would be large, but the phone can do it early. This is because the version (processor) in the top model of the iPhone would latest.

The process of installation of IOS 14 is not tough, as the process is similar to other phones. The person has to visit the software update setting page and then click on the update. The update process would start immediately if the iPhone is connected to a stable internet connection.

The installation of IOS 14 depends on downloading the file and installation of the software. These two processes may take a few minutes more or less for all the types of models available in the market. The installation process of IOS 14 is not complex but time taking. The IOS 14 comes with many new updates that would take some time to get installed.

Why Does IOS 14 Take This Long To Install?

The installation of IOS 14 can be longer if the internet connection is unstable. The file downloading of the IOS 14 can be time taking, and this may increase the process of installation. The process of installation can go longer if the person has no space in the iPhone. For every software installation process, having enough space is vital.

The IOS 14 files are extremely large and would require around 2 GB of storage in the device. The installation of IOS 14 can be long for users who have skipped installation of IOS 13. The person who keeps a track of all the installation and updates for the iPhone would be able to make it faster.

The person looking for the installation of IOS 14 should make space for the file by checking the storage in the setting. Some people may not be able to download the IOS 14. Those users can try downloading the file again for IOS 14 and then install it freshly. To make faster installation, the users can close all the background activities in the device.

The setting should be reset for making the process easier.


The installation of IOS 14 would take around 20 to 45 minutes. The time for each model would spend on the file size of the IOS 14. The downloading device features would affect the time of installation. You should keep on decluttering your iPhone to update it in a faster manner. Keeping the storage full while downloading the file would not help.

Make sure the iPhone is ready for the software update with very less background activity.


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