How Long Does It Take Between Two Couple Dates (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take Between Two Couple Dates (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 7 To 14 Days

Many things unite different worlds, and one such thing is love. Those who live without love, are certainly the ones that should be pitied. Wars have begun and ended for the sake of love. Poets and authors have written hundreds of pages and verses with love as the primary subject, many have lived and died at the hands of love.

According to some, there is nothing more powerful than unconditional affection and love for someone. There are different types of love found all over the world, and one amongst them is the romantic sort, which can further be classified into many others.

There are many types of romantic relationships, some casual, some serious. Yet, it all starts when someone of either the same or opposite gender likes the other person and tries to build a relationship with them, which can either change a person’s whole life.

How Long Does It Take Between Two Couple Dates

How Long Does It Take Between Two Couple Dates?

All about datesTime
The time gap between the first date and the second dateWithin a week (7 days)
The time gap between the second date and the third dateWithin 2 weeks (14 days)
The preferable number of years to date a person before getting engaged or married1 to 4 years

Sometimes it just ends and the people involved in it move on. There are many reasons why two people don’t work out in a relationship, and one factor is the duration between two dates.

In some relationships, the first date might be great and the couple might hit it off right away, but sometimes it can also take two or more dates. It is believed that the couples always come to know if they are the right fit by the end of the third date. All they have to do is schedule the dates within a certain period so that the “spark” doesn’t go away. According to some articles and blogs, there is a momentum theory of dating.

According to this theory, the first three to four dates should be scheduled in close succession, so that, whatever the felt opposite person felt, doesn’t go away as time passes by. After all, sometimes people go on dates with people they know well or are acquainted with, like their friends, colleagues but sometimes they also meet random strangers in their day-to-day life or through the Internet.

Why Is It That Long Between Two Couple Dates?

When the first two to three dates are scheduled in close succession, there will also be a better chance for a relationship to grow and when a person sees someones continuously for a while, there is also the chance that they might get to know them better. It is not the same for everybody, but it is normal.

Try to maintain consistent contact with the other person, because, when the progression is slow and things are dull with very minimal contact. Slow dates, lack of conversation, and anything that doesn’t interest the other person can kill the chances of any relationship developing. It also doesn’t mean that the person shouldn’t actually rush anything or into anything and take everything steadily.

How a date goes depends on various factors, like the personality and character of the two people on the date, the location where the date takes place, how the two people approach each other, and finally how the entire date goes on the whole. There is also a sense of urgency that the couples should notice, which will be vital for the success of a relationship, and whatever the situation may be or whomever the two people are, it all ends in the way they understand each other.


It is also important to never schedule two dates continuously, right the next day. It might make the other person feel pressurized and will not give them enough time to think about whether they like the other person or not.

Hence, it is better if the dates are scheduled within a week or two. When a person goes on a date on the weekend, it is better to meet up with the other person for a short duration once or twice that week or go on dinner. It is better to keep the dates between the two dates within at least a week or two.

It is better if the second date is scheduled seven days within the first one and the third date within fourteen days of the first one.


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