How Long Does It Take For A PS4 Controller To Charge (And Why)?

How Long Does It Take For A PS4 Controller To Charge (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 hours

The PS4 controller would start charging after it is connected to the console of PlayStation 4. The connection should be done using a USB cable. The PS4 controller would take around 2 hours to get fully charged if the battery is fully depleted.

The status of the PS4 controller charging would be visible on the screen of the system. Everyone can check it on the screen by holding and pressing the PS button of the controller. A controller is vital for the working of PS4.

If someone has the correct USB cable, then the charging of the controller could be very simple. There will be a micro-USB port in the controller where the cable would be connected to start the charging process.

How Long Does It Take For A PS4 Controller To Charge

How Long Does It Take For A PS4 Controller To Charge?

PS4 Controller How Long Does It Take For A PS4 Controller To Charge
Minimum charging time1.5 hours
Maximum charging time3 hours

The battery life of the controller can get shorter if the owner wouldn’t charge the battery on time. There is no requirement to charge the controller daily, but a few times in a month.

The person should be sure that the battery is completely run out, then only charge the controller. Everyone should remove the controller from charging if the screen shows the battery is fully charged.
The person would be able to see a menu on the screen after holding the PS button for a second then there the person can check the status. Some controllers can get charged in very little time. The newly purchased controller would give better performance than the old controller.

Everyone should charge the battery according to the requirement and avoid overcharging. The controller would stop working if the battery is low. The person can plug it into the charging port for avoiding the controller to turn off completely.

The use of the correct USB is vital, as any other USB cable would not fit properly into the charging port. The charging time for the controller would be around 1 to 3 hours depending on the age of the controller.

Why Does It Take This Long For A PS4 Controller To Charge?

The controller could be charged if the console is on. The console could also charge the controller if it is in the rest mode. If someone tries to charge the controller when the console is in rest mode, then the orange light would start blinking in the light bar.

The charge in the controller would last for around 8 hours if the players are playing continuously. The gaming style of the person is another factor to affects how long the charge in the controller would last.

The PS4 controller charge may run out very if the person uses it continuously for hours. The controller is a very important part of the PS4 and the console has no value without it.

If someone doesn’t have a Micro-USB cable, then the person can take the help of the DualShock 4 charging station. The DualShock 4 charging station is a very convenient option as it would be able to charge two controllers at the same time.

The Micro-USB cable is less expensive than the DualShock 4 charging station. The time to charge the controller would depend on how the person is charging the controller. The charging time in DualShock 4 charging station is not the same as the Micro-USB cable.

If the person has no budget for the DualShock 4 charging station, then there are many other options available for the charging process.


Charging the PS4 controller is quite simple as the person can track the charging status easily. The charging recommendation would be given by the manufacturing company. The PS4 charging should be done using the console, but sometimes people can also try the wall outlet.

The person can also try downloading games when the console is in the rest mode. Both wired and wireless controllers have their own pros and cons. The best part about the wireless controller is that it would not restrict the player’s movement during the game.


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