How Long Is Titanfall 2 Campaign (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Approximately 6 Hours

Titanfall 2 had some big shoes to fill. The original Titanfall, while impressive in its own right, was plagued by a lack of content. Luckily, Respawn seems to have learned from their mistakes and made Titanfall 2 something truly special.

The game packs a lot of punch with an intense and fast-paced shooter story.

Not only is the multiplayer much more fleshed out this time around, but the single-player campaign is surprisingly long for a game of this genre. Hence, if one is on the fence about picking it up, rest assured that they’ll be getting the money’s worth.

How Long Is Titanfall 2 Campaign


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How Long Is Titanfall 2 Campaign?

Titanfall 26 hours
Titanfall 115-18 hours

Titanfall 2 is a first-person video game from the developer’s Respawn Entertainment. It was released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation. 

The campaign is about 6 hours long, depending on the playstyle. Titanfall 2’s story has always been shrouded in mystery, but Respawn was at least able to give us an ideal length for the game’s single-player campaign. 

The story of Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign is about Jack Cooper, a low-level rifleman for an interplanetary frontiers militia who fights against the IMC’s authoritarian control and its mercenaries.

The game’s replayability and movement mechanics, in conjunction with Titanfall’s speedrunning appeal, make it appealing for runners as well. The game’s training course, in particular, has become a measure of movement ability among gamers, with players competing to complete it the quickest and gain the title of the fastest.

A multiplayer-only release, Titanfall 2 features six maps that can be parachuted with a time limit or after a player has been killed. Maps have three different areas for fighting amidst villages and other war-torn landmarks. 

The parkour system, which allows players to move quickly in any direction as long as walls do not hinder them, seeks to promote “free reign” through the map instead of sticking to predetermined paths.

The storyline of the original Titanfall was limited, notably opting for a single-player campaign instead of one that included both. In addition, the game’s atmosphere and characters were intentionally kept in the background, only to provide context to multiplayer fights at the start of each round.

Why Would Titanfall 2 Campaign Be So Long?

Titanfall 2 is a popular first-person shooter video game developed by Respawn Entertainment.

Players can choose from titans, pilots, or a combination of both to suit the situation at hand.

There are 3 primary Titans that players can utilize alongside other specialized types, ranging in size and tactical roles. Game modes include Attrition (a free-for-all mode with no teams), Bounty Hunt (players collect points for killing enemy pilots. 

However, they must exchange time doing this to secure their earnings; the person who earns the most is crowned winner), Pilot Hunter (up to 6 players fight each other in teams of 2 – one pilot controls weapons while another handles movement) various others, including Hardcore Modes.

It takes so long to complete because it is entirely achievable due to the ability for players to complete objectives at their own pace. 

Combine this with Titanfall’s famously lengthy matches, and everybody’s got the answer right. Then there are countless other ways that campaign time might lengthen; playing the campaign unlocks powerful abilities in multiplayer, which one can use during competitive play (think double points). 

Operations make it possible to integrate elements of different game modes like Respawn Bounties or Grifball into modes like Campaign or Multiplayer Frontier Defense which would otherwise be normal game types but now offer much more variety. 

One could spend hours just exploring one encounter type in Campaign. Lastly, let’s not forget about all those sweet new weapons for a player to use. These are some of the reasons why it takes so long to complete.


The developers’ new weapons are as varied as they come, with pistols, machine guns, flame throwers, staves, and so on. One may pick between shotguns, auto-locking missiles, fiery melee assaults, and everything else in between this time around.

However, outstanding villains and supporting characters keep the action moving forward at a fast clip. 

Although learning may be intimidating initially, the learning curve is not steep. First and foremost, the campaign does an excellent job of laying out how one should play the game. Second, the game’s core community has produced many instructional videos on platforms like YouTube to help newcomers get acquainted with the game’s mechanics.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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