How Long Did Mash Run (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 11 seasons

The series was launched in 1972 and has 11 seasons. The characters of the series were very impressive that would not fail in making the audience laugh louder. The series was filled with drama and comedy. People enjoyed the series for its characters and military comedy plot.

The plot of the series had gained much fame and popularity. Therefore, the series was extended by making 11 seasons. The story runs with a team of doctors at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. The story also has some staff to support the doctors in the hospital.

The series had many main characters as the surgeons of the hospital. At the end of the third season, few main characters left as their part got completed. The season running time would be around 25 to 30 minutes.

The goodbye finale season 11 had 2 hours and 30 minutes of running time.


How Long Did Mash Run?

Mash SeriesHow Long Did Mash Run
Minimum time2 hours and 30 minutes
Maximum time25 to 30 minutes

The series MASH ended in 1983. The seasons of MASH came in black and white post-production. The funny creative scenes in the series made it extremely popular. The capability of Hawkeye to sniff his food before having it made it quite interesting for the viewers.

The on-screen death of Colonel Henry Blake at the end of the episodes made the season more notable. The series MASH was one of the most popular series that came with 11 amazing seasons. The filming of MASH started in 1972 and ended in 1983.

The ending of the series was beautiful. The team members threw a party before wrapping up the camping journey. The main characters of the series lead and pave their separate ways that made the final scenes of the series MASH.

The filming of MASH was done in Malibu Creek State Park. The site is still popular for catching the attention of viewers who loved the television legendary series MASH. The whole theme of the series was based on the surgical and military legacy.

MASH is also tagged as dramedy or situation comedy. Many people take MASH as a series of dark comedies. The series is related to and based on the Korean War. America’s role in the cold war was mocked and questioned in the series.

Why Did Mash Run This Long?

The story and plot of MASH was revolving around the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital. There are many scenes and characters to be displayed. The American war comedy and drama series focuses on several factors of the cold war.

There were some characters who left before the ending of the series. Some characters got replaced by other artists. The series was more character-driven than the political nature. The story of the series was based on real facts.

Therefore, it takes a lot of time and effort to execute the characters that are real. The scenes of the series have to be clear and not offensive against the real facts. The story has to be done in such a manner to avoid any confusion between the reel and real facts.

Before, the series, the actors were properly prepared and trained for the on-screen characters. The actors got to interact with the original surgeons of MASH. After talking to the surgeons of MASH, the actors did have a better idea about their situations.

The Korean doctors were in touch with the producers to suggest any better storyline that may help. The last season of the series had 15 episodes with the conclusion of the story.

The execution of real stories always needs a lot of dedication, correction, modification, and hard work. The producers and directors of the series made sure to not affect the originality of the war by any acts.


The series was one of the most-watched television shows during its time. The content of the series had a lot of creativity. The use of helicopters and other vehicles made the series more engrossing for the viewers. The episodes of the series were not so lengthy, but interesting.

The series was also tagged as the number one smartest TV show in 2008. The dialogues and acting of the actors were commendable. The running time of each episode may slightly vary from each other.



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