How Long After Aang Died Was Korra Born (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Nine Months

Being an avatar is a cumbersome and yet a very vital job. It takes a lot of sacrifices to reach the level and control the breaths. Only the genuinely worthy ones can attain the title of an avatar. Activating the chakras is like using a two-edged sword, which defines the endurance an avatar must-have.

Aang is the legendary avatar who once possessed many capabilities and enormous power to accomplish their tasks, no matter what it took. Aang breathed as an avatar for more than one hundred and fifty years. His fame was something to get inspired from, and that’s why he will always be in the Bingo book of the fans.

How Long After Aang Died Was Korra Born

How Long After Aang Died Was Korra Born?

Korra is an animated series on the television channel Nickelodeon. It originates from America as a sequel to the ongoing Avatar series. It has more than fifty seasons which have been divided into four books. It is a fusion of various elements like action, sci-fi, adventure, and comedy-drama. It is a continuity to its predecessors where the story is set in a fictional world where people can alter with the various elements of nature.

Korra was actually the successor of the Avatar Aang, who belonged to the tribes of the Southern Waters. In the preceding story, Korra was seventeen years old, and the story talks of her adventures. The fictional world portrayed in the series is more advanced than the existing world in terms of technology. The next series Korra was actually portrayed that it was set seventy years after its predecessor. She arises from power to balance the unbalanced physical and spiritual spheres of the fictional world.

EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Avatar period of Aang166 years
Time after Aang’s death for Korra’s birthAfter nine months

The avatar period of Aang lasted for 166 years. After Aang died, the Avatar’s soul shifted into another body which was Korra’s, and it took nine months for Korra to take birth.

Why Was Korra Born So Long After Aang’s Death?

People who watch Aang have even watched Korra. The story says about Avatar, who had the power to alter with all the elements. However, Avatar Aang served as an Air bender. But, after his death, the Avatar was to pass on to somebody who would keep up the legacy of reincarnation. It was predicted that it would pass to someone who could bend waters. However, this did not happen. Korra turned out to be an earth bender and kept changing with time.

Korra belonged to the tribe of waters of the Southern part. Hence, she was guided by the world’s best water bender, Katara. At the beginning of the series, Korra was seventeen years old. However, in the successor series, Korra was eighty-five years old, which indicates that the atmosphere was set seventy years after the initial series. Aang’s last wish was kept, and she never stepped out of her tribe. However, on realizing the gravity of the situation, she finally steps out for the Republic City to learn air bending.

Aang's Death

It takes that long for Korra’s birth because nine months is the duration of pregnancy. Technically, Korra has been the successor of Aang. However, they have very different qualities. While the predecessor Aang used to run away from the title of Avatar and accept it ultimately under pressure, the successor Korra accept the responsibilities of Avatar with willingness and eagerness. This is very evident in the first episode itself.


Overall, it can be concluded that the structures and building up of both the animated series are intriguing. The setting of the atmosphere is enticing and people have loved it for the change. Most of the people who had watched the initial series couldn’t hold on to enjoy the sequel. It has been regarded as the best series based on animation and other effects. The characterization is constant and the plot is no doubt mind-blowing.

Korra was born nine months after the death of Aang. The characters are well developed in terms of action and lessons. Both those sequences have a lot of morals to teach. If someone wants to go for it, you can go for it with satisfying results. The story and the plot are pretty interesting, and people have showered much love on it.


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