How Long Does It Take For An Apple Tree To Grow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 10 years

The apple tree growing time would depend on what kind of apple tree one has chosen. All the varieties of apple trees would take around 5 to 10 years to grow. If someone chooses a standard-sized apple tree, then the time would be 5 to 8 years.

The fruit-bearing time for a dwarf apple tree would be very less as compared to the full-sized apple tree. The dwarf apple tree can produce fruits in just 2 years, whereas the full-sized apple tree would take around 8 years. When people grow the apple trees from the seeds of the apple, the time for bearing fruit would be around 10 years or less.

There are many conditions that one should know before growing the apple tree.

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How Long Does It Take For An Apple Tree To Grow?

Apple TreesHow Long Does It Take For An Apple Tree To Grow
Standard sized apple treeUp to 8 years
Full-sized apple treeUp to 10 years
Dwarf apple treeUp to 2 years

If someone wants to grow the apple trees in just 4 to 5 years, then they can go for dwarf apple trees. Both semi-dwarf and dwarf apple trees would bear fruit in 4 to 5 years. Sometimes, the dwarf apple trees may get a little late and can bear fruit in 6 years. Dwarf apple trees are not very tall and would be around 8 to 12 feet.

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The height of the semi-dwarf apple trees would be around 20 feet. Anybody looking for an apple tree to grow in their garden should choose dwarf apple trees. The dwarf tree would produce a lot of apples that would be enough for a small family.

The standard-sized apple trees are quite big and would grow around 30 feet. The canopies of the apple tree would be very tall around 30 feet. These standard-sized trees are not for small gardens as they need a lot of space. The person would have to wait for 8 years to see these standard-sized trees getting matured.

The fruit production of the standard-sized apple tree would be very abundant. The availability of sunlight and the quality of soil matter the most to help the tree grow correctly.

Why Does It Take This Long For An Apple Tree To Grow?

The growth of the apple tree can take more time if any of the following conditions would not be in favor. These are:
Climatic conditions
Always make sure to choose the variety of apple trees that would grow well in the climate. There will be some apple trees that would grow well in a cold climate. There will be some apple trees that would grow well in hot climatic conditions. Choosing the wrong apple tree according to the climate would not produce quality food.
Size of the trees
The size of the tree would affect how long the apple trees would take to bear fruit. If the apple trees are under the dwarf category, then they would grow in very little time. If the area for harvesting is quite small, then don’t choose a full or standard-sized apple tree. The direction of how the apple tree grows is also a factor that everyone should know.

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For example, columnar apple trees would grow straight in an upward direction. There are many apple trees with branches growing horizontally.

The apple trees need sunlight regularly for around 8 hours, even if it is a cold climate-loving apple tree. Air circulation is also important for growing apple trees. Good sunlight with light to medium textured soil would be the best care one can give to apple trees.


Normally, all the apple trees should be planted during the spring months. The spring would be the best climatic condition for the health of the apple trees. Apple trees can stay good in very difficult conditions with heavy wind. The majority of the apple trees are not self-fertile. Therefore they have to go through cross-pollination.

There may be some apple trees that can go self-pollination. Everyone can plant a lot of varieties of apple trees to get more amount of fruits every year.



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