How Long Does it Take For Colleges to Recieve SAT Scores (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 10-15 Days After the Release of Score

Scholastic Aptitude Test which is often abbreviated to SAT is a standard exam that universities and colleges rely upon for their annual admissions. Skills like reading, writing, mathematics, and critical analysis are tested in this exam to give Undergraduate Programs seats in numerous colleges and universities throughout the United States of America. Nearly 2 million students sit for the scholastic aptitude test from all across the world. This test is not annual, thus takes place multiple times in a year.

Once the candidate qualifies for the prescribed cutoff for admission in a particular course in the desired college, he may proceed to fill the form to get admitted into the institute.

How Long Does it Take For Colleges to Recieve SAT Scores

How Long Does It Take For Colleges to Get SAT Scores?

Occurring of the Event Number of Days
The student appears for SATday 1
The official score is releasedday 21
The score report is dispatched to the chosen collegeday 23-34
The college receives SAT scoreday 30-36

Above in the table is the timeline of how events take place from the very first day of appearing for the exam. A candidate can opt for a free score report while applying for the SAT. By opting for the mode, he can choose 4 colleges and the result will be automatically sent to them. These chosen colleges can be changed or altered after 9 days of appearing for the test. There is another privilege given to aspirants that is a free score report. The charges are extra for this service amounting to $31. In this option, a student can choose to send the rushed free score report to chosen 4 colleges as soon as the scorecard is published. The result automatically gets sent to the chosen institution 3-5 days earlier than the usual routine of 7-10 days.

It further is the call of the receiving institute how and when they download the SAT scores. Therefore, on average, from the very day of the exam, it takes 30-40 days for the complete process and after the completion, the student may expect a call from the institutes he/she applied to. Students may decide, on the basis of admission schedules of their desired colleges, when they have to appear for the SAT exam in the year.

Why Does It Take That Long?

It takes 7-14 days for colleges to obtain SAT scores. It is not always necessary that colleges obtain scores from all the Scholastic Aptitude Tests that are scheduled throughout the year. Some colleges may opt for receiving scores from one such scheduled exam while some may receive scores for multiple intakes in one year.

Colleges also get to decide how they are willing to receive the scores. They have to choose options to receive scores through electronic medium or to download the test reports by themselves lately. They may download them once a week or once a day. Sometimes they employ software to get the scores on the portal along with other documents of the candidate to keep the record.

The time of reception varies as universities and colleges may receive the score as per their requirements and they have such an option to exercise freely. Hence, it may take more than the stipulated time in several cases. However, when the colleges are accepting the scores, they receive it right within 10-15 days after the results are released officially.

Many times the students prefer to see their results before sending them to universities and colleges. In that case, the sending of scores gets delayed at the end of the student itself. This is done so that the student may check if he/she has obtained the scores enough to be eligible for the chosen college. The candidate can always choose to appear for the next attempt if he/she is not satisfied with the scores obtained.


If you are willing to join a university or college in the United States to America, it is advisable to check the schedule of the desired college/university and then apply for the SAT exam accordingly. You may shortlist colleges and while applying for the SAT, choose the option of sending free score report to chosen colleges. You can always appear for the next attempt if your scores are not enough to qualify for admission into the college.



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