How Long After Tympanoplasty Can You Hear (And Why)?

How Long After Tympanoplasty Can You Hear (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2 months

Of all the sense organs we have, the ear is the one that gets a little less amount of attention among others. We never really have any proper attention to our ear, but when it’s something that can create a major issue, then it is something that should be taken care of.

This all hearing is performed mainly by the thin layer of tissue which is known as an eardrum, which helps us in making us hear everything. And, when this thin layer of tissue shows any problem, then one must go under some surgery, which is known as Tympanoplasty. By the performance of this surgery, the doctors can repair the eardrum of the patient and after two to three months after the surgery, one can expect proper recovery.

How Long After Tympanoplasty Can You Hear

How Long After Tympanoplasty Can You Hear?

Pain After The Surgery remains For1-2 weeks
Tympanoplasty Takes For2-3 hours

As tympanoplasty is not considered as that of major surgery, still every surgery needs some time to recover to the normal stage. This tympanoplasty surgery is also known as the perforated eardrum. When someone starts having some hearing problem, then he or she must consult a doctor. The doctor can then only examine the simplicity of the complexity of the case and can suggest if one should go under this eardrum tympanoplasty surgery or not.

However, it does not seem that painful as it sounds. Local anesthesia is injected into the patient body, which would freeze any pain which may occur during the procedure. This anesthesia lasts for at least two to three hours. But after the surgery also, one may feel pain or a little discomfort for a day or two due to obvious reasons.

But after some time the discomfort would fade away. But the hearing ability could take a little more time to regain its power. Gradually after 12 to 16 weeks after the eardrum surgery, one may get a better experience in the hearing ability. But one must have to wait for this period before getting to avail this facility.


However, within this period the pain one would feel maybe a little mild one. This is felt because of the pressure which is applied during the dressing. But once all this is removed all the discomfort and pain subsides subsequently. But one may easily feel like some stabbing pain or a little occasional fleeting one or two weeks after the surgery also.

Why Can You Hear So Long After Tympanoplasty?

The actual and total recovery period after the tympanoplasty surgery is almost after 2 to 3 months. But one may also start recovering way before that. It all depends on the medical condition one goes through during and after the surgery. If the pressure during the surgery and the performance of the surgery is well and good, then it can get to its previous stage too easily.

But regularly, it is this normal period of 2 to 3 months that it takes to recover completely.
This time is taken just because of the middle ear. Among all the three parts of the ear, it is the middle ear on which this whole surgery depends upon.

Once the surgery is completed successfully, the middle ear normally gets filled with a lot of blood which is the result of the normal surgical procedure. Somewhere the ear also becomes swollen. The packing materials which are inserted into the ear during the surgery are also the ones that fill all the way. Hence, this is one of the real reasons why it takes this much time to heal properly.


However, one may easily get discharged out of the hospital after a week or so, post-surgery. The other treatment and the rest and care can be taken at the home only. It is even without treatment, the eardrum can recover completely within a few weeks. However, before the proper recovery, one must avoid getting water into the ear and should never intend to lift anything heavy or do some hard exercises. These all can put the eardrum under a lot of pressure, which can cost a lot later on!


Therefore, one must avoid popping sounds and anything which has a high decibel of sound before the full recovery period. Earphones and talking a lot on the phone are something which must be avoided at this point. Cotton balls or some preferably used band-aids are something that can help in getting the comfort to the ear it needs.

And, one must also prefer sleeping on the healthy ear side, and avoid putting more pressure on the ruptured ear. Once everything gets well after two or three months, every normal thing can be performed easily and one would be able to hear without having any issue!


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